Tuesday, 29 March 2011

new 3D japanese nails

Though I may not be the most Interesting person in the world, nor the smartest....or prettiest,
But I hope people will enjoy this blog thingy that created [great choice of words I know :p]
Though I don't think people will read this or pay any intrest in what I have to say, its more of a personal thing
[As sad as it sounds -.-]
It's not that I don't have friends or family to talk to
[They are actually all amazing]
but at times I feel like I just want to post random things, wether it will be deep and emotional
or random and completly pointless
I think it will be interesting and fun for the future, and also to look back on it in years to come.
It will be fun for me I think, and I am sure blogging will be fun
[as some of my friends are addicted to it]

But then again some of my friends are addicted to WOW...and I dont see whats so interesting about that to be honest, Oh well the point being is that I thought I would give this a try, though I can't see a lot of people paying attention to it mind you, and who knows maybe I will love it.

And maybe one day I will play wow....

Soo I like deco nails, A LOT gah I just love the way they look [Personal opinion anyways, others may not be so keen on them]
I don't know why I guess everyone has their thing that they love and mine is definatly 3d nails
The picture above is how I had my nails for the London MCM expo in the october 2010
And these are me and my best friend emi's nails when we wer at a restraunt waiting for our food
[as you do]

Sorry about the sideways picture >.<
but yea just nails ^-^
I loved when I had these, I liked the chain on them, I kept whipping it back and forth >.<
So yes I 3d japanese nails and MCM anime expos, I am addicted to the purikura booth
These are the photos that me and my lil brother had taken in the purikura booth after the expo

and more >.< I swear I am like a child.
... rephrase I am a child.