Monday, 28 November 2011

London Shopping

Well hello there my lovely's
I would just like start off by saying I am sorry if this blog post doesn't make much sense, however I have a good reason, I am listening to U-kiss new song tick tack! and I can't listening/watching it, oh my gosh it is so good! I am in love with the new song and not only that but the dance routine, I swear they are getting better and better.

Anyways with that out of the way I thought I would tell you about me and emi's day of shopping.
I can't remember the last time we just went shopping! it was nice and felt very relaxed, we weren't rush and just took our time browsing, it was very nice.

Well to start our day off we went to camden, but didn't actually buy anything apart from starbucks and went to a vegan cake shop that me and emi are addicted to! it is sooo nice, its just a small stall but I love their food, and all of it is vegan, though I don't have a picture of what me and emi had your just going to have to trust me on how damn tasty the food was, I had an ice scream sandwich, which is just heavenly and emi had a blondie, which is a white chocolate brownie/flapjack thingy, aha makes so much sense, but yea they are nice, I have had one before and you can get them heated up in the microwave and have served warm [which n my opinion is the best way and emi agrees with me]

So after our short browse round camden we headed off to leicester square and piccadilly, where I bought a christmas present for tom & tobias, I can't show you a picture because.....well tobias follows my blog so it would be a bit of a fail aha.
However I did buy myself a top, emi helped me pick it out, and here is what it looks like...

The women was nice enough to knock off some money for me, because she likes me ^-^ aha I love her so much, then again I am always buying stuff from her -.- thats probably why aha.
Anyways they do this top in a light pink which emi likes so I may get that for her.

And then we did some purikura, oh my gosh it had been a while since we did some, we needed some new ones for our purses, and we where happy with how they turned out as well.

1st set

2nd set

yes yes, we did 2 sets because we have fun taking pictures and decorating them, can you guess which picture is now in my purse? ;p
It needed updating though! [the picture in my purse] it was like a year old ><

So after that I bought some dried fruit and chocolate covered banana chips and yogurt covered banana chips [omnom they where so tasty!] and then we went to see on of our friends who owns a shop, they where working but didn't really have many customers because it wasn't that busy.

Oh my gosh on a side note I wondered off for a bit to look at some things on my own [you know while my two friends where chatting] and I had a french guy say he liked my style and that I had really small hands, like he couldn't get over how tiny they where.
It was so random, but his english was very good, though he had a strong accent.

ANYWAYS we saw our friend for a bit and sat down for a while because we had done a lot of walking around, and then we decided to go for food, can you guess where?
tyea thats right at our favrioute japanese restaurant, which I think they have re named now, but I can't remember what they re named it.
we sat down and ordered, emi got the pork cutlet ramen that I suggested to her

Needless to say she didn't finnish it off, aha I have never been able to, but it does taste darn tasty.

and then my dish was lovely, ahhh I love tempura, so nice! again with a free mini bowl of miso soup.

Oh gosh I love it so much! and I love the sauce, however I could't eat all of it >< it is impossible D:!

oh and here is a picture of me looking like a walrus

yea I have no idea what possessed me to do this, however emi found it funny.

well as the rest of the night went on we just hung out with a friend, browsing the streets and just chilling, I also decided to draw on my friends newspaper....I had to have some fun with this though, want to see my art work?

aha amazing right? I don't know, it was fun to do at the time and didn't take long, just thought it would be funny to do one side though ;D
So all in all it was a good day/night, didn't get home til about 2 am D: but did I go to sleep? no don't be silly, I did some online christmas 3am, seemed like a good idea at the time aha.
but I am happy because I have orderd emi's christmas present :D

Next time I go shopping though I will take more interesting photos, I promise, and sorry this post was a bit rushed, I need to do some work so I thought I would do a quick blog post :]
Also incase you are wondering yes I am still listening to U-kiss tick tack ;D

til next time x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gyaru make up & new Diamond lash

So first of all I would I would like to say yay and hello to my 30 followers, didn't think anyone would follow my blog [because I just seem to ramble and make no sense at times and just go on so much, I am the same in person as well! D:], I am trying to make it better and blog about interesting things.
I will improve over time aha!

well my new diamond lashes came the other day, was so happy! especially as I was running out, I was down to my last pair! 
The ones I got are the Diamond lash Pure series - Beauty eye [upper lash]

I was pleased with them when they arrived, they look so pretty and a bit more natural when I put them on, you know as opposed to the ones I used before.

So I decided to make my make up a little different, just a little not a major change, I also thought it wold be funny to take a picture of one of my eyes with make up, and the other without.

hooray for lashes, contacts and other make ups! I just thought it would be fun to share these photos with you all.

And on a ramdon rant, my hands are so cold! I have been driving tea all day just to keep me and my hands warm! I have no idea why I am so cold, I can't remember the last time I felt so cold, wtf is going on?! I miss being warm :(

With that out of the way, yea I changed the make up a bit to how I usually do it, but like I said not by loads, just made the eye liner thicker, added some brown eye shadow and joined the lower lashes to the upper lashes at the end of my eye.
So then I decided to take some pictures of both eyes that had been done of my subtle change on my eye make up.
Again apologies for poor quality iPhone photos

[wtf fringe? is it just me or does it look a bit odd?]

harhar! and there you have!
I do love diamond lash, I love the different kinds of lashes they have and have been using them for a while now, and I defiantly will keep on using them, whenever I need new upper lashes I order different ones [they have so many nice ones that I want to try so thats why I usually order a different set]
Now I need new bottom lashes T_T time browse for ages online and debate which lower lashes to get -.-

sorry for the short post by the way, it was just a mini update, but I have many exciting events coming up that I shall be blogging about, I am going shopping with emily on friday in london, I have to buy birthday presents for my dad and brother [dads birthday on the 5th of december and my little brothers on the 6th, brilliant!] I am also doing more shopping trips, and on the 10th of december I am going to see emilia in newcastle! then after that on the 17th&18 I driving to Bournemouth to see tom and yamii with tobias and emily, so much planned over the next month! and lots more in-between.
And now I am going to go out with my family to one of my favrioute italian restraints :D!
till next time x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

nails,amazing hairdressers, new hair & hair colour?

So in my last post at the end I said I got my hair cut.
It desperatly needed cutting and I have just been so busy with everything and completely forgot about it for a while now.
So there is this lovely lady in london called Fiza who did my nails

(sorry for the awful quality)
but yes she is an amazing lady and I loved my nails!
Anyways I needed my hair doing so I asked her [because I thought she did cut hair but I couldn't remember >.<]
She told me she didn't but recommended this place to me which was a 2 minute walk away, so thats where I went.
Believe it or not I didn't get lost or anything which is a first for me.
So I went in there and told them that fiza had sent me, the lady who owned the hairdressers knew who I was talking about and was happy to cut my hair for me then and there, I was happy :D!
The lady's name was Mary and she said that my hair was dry and damaged at the ends [I knew this, was pretty obvious]
So I sat down and they brought me over a free green tea, I was pretty happy with that in itself.
Then they put shampoo in my hair....but my hair wasn't wet, they just put it straight on while my hair was dry. I can honestly say I have never had that happen to me at a hairdressers before, but it was nice though.
After washing the shampoo out I was taken back to my seat, and this was the best part... I was given a mini massage and it felt Amazing [that could sound weird] but yes it felt so nice, even though it as only for 5-10 minutes, just relaxed me so much, was just what I needed! [and I didn't even request it! took me by suprise].
After this I had a different man come over who blow dried my hair for me [he thought I was still in school -.-] and then afterwards Mary came along and cut my hair for me.
It feels sooo much better now! and I am thinking of getting some conditioning treatments done as well [to help my hair a bit] though she cut a fair bit off I wasn't that bothered, my ends where BAD.
This was probably the best hairdressers I have been to, they where nice and I felt so relaxed.
[Also after I had my hair done fiza got  hers done aha!]
So yea I guess I should show a before an after picture

[I know my face looks a bit derpish]


now I don't have to keep flicking my fringe to the side:D
So yes I am a happy bunny, also my best friend approved of my hair cut.
However! now I am thinking of dying my hair. Me and emi where in town today just browsing around and I was looking at hair colours, and there was a reddish colour which caught my attention.
Now over a year and a half ago I use to have bright red hair, but got rid of it because it was too much of a hassle to keep, but my friends said it suited me a lot.
So this time I was thinking of going maybe one these colours.

I don't want to go too dark nor do I want to it to be too in your face [because of work]
So if you have any thoughts or anything then please by all means leave a comment.

Anyways thats all I am going to leave you with for now.
night night ^^

Friday, 11 November 2011

London nights

So as I said in my previous post me and my friend JR went out in London. This is because he had to go away to birmingham for the weekend. So I thought I would share our mini night out.
JR lives in London, and while I don't live in London I am there every thursday and friday.
Justin was also supposed to come out with us, HOWEVER the poor guy had work til really late so he couldn't come out with us.

Oh and on a side note I decided to wear my new shoes that I bought the other day

thought I would just share that.

So our first stop? obviously FOOD! a while ago I showed justin and JR a restraunt in china town that me and my friends LOVE, its a japanese restraunt [doing suprise suprise japanese food].
JR loves it there, the food is darn good and not only that but cheap! [this is always a good thing].
When going to this restraunt I usually order ramen, they have many different kinds of ramen but my faviroute would have to be pork cutlet.

I kid you not the bowl is friggen huge! and not only that there seems to be an endless supply of noodles in this bowl, I swear I have never been able to eat all of it, its never ending! 
However this time I wanted to try something different, JR told me that him and justin went there the other week and orderd katsu [can't remember the full name of it, I was sooo hungry I hadn't eaten since 7am>.<]

So first they bought us a small bowl of miso souple [which comes free with the katsu] it's a small bowl of yummyness, it has mushrooms and tofu, was very yummy and cute.
 [yeaa you can't see the mushrooms and tofu but they are there! just at the bottom]
Now on to more yummy food!
next the Katsu!

It's pork coverd in breadcrumbs [bit like the pork cutlet ramen] with rice and egg as well as other veggies thrown in there, and like the ramen I couldn't eat all of it, I think I must of left half of the rice, I was soo full! but it tasted sooo nice! would definatly recommend [JR also had the same as me, and like me wasn't able to finnish it].

So after they took away our bowls they asked us if we wanted to see the desert menu, honestly I didn't think I could eat another bite, but JR said yes and we had a look [as many times as I've been there I have never had desert]
Though I thought he was full he orderd the....well this one.

JR had some serious problems trying to say this, he had to practice! aha he kept getting the words mixed up, and then it ended up being a new tounge twister, I didn't even attempt it.
When JR order desert he had no problem pronouncing it [and looked very proud of himself] he only orderd one to share because we where both so full.

Tada! Desert!
Me and JR kept making jokes on how the poor coconut animal that was our desert [harhar do you get it? if not I understand we like making lame jokes].
I just had one mouthfull, just to taste and that was me done, I couldn't eat anymore, I thought I was going to burst! However JR happily finnished it off.
Though I only had a mouthfull it was really nice and....well I don't know how to put it but fresh? I told JR this and he knew where I was coming from.

All in all we had a lovely meal and JR ended up paying for it! I felt bad, I had the money he just wouldn't let me pay, so as a thanks I bought him pineapple bread [and I got one for justin] you know just to say thanks, he wouldn't except my moneys -.-

So we wonderd around, did some late night shopping, the city is so beautiful at night, I love it!
JR bought some birthday presents, and I bought a new top/jumper

and here is a picture of me wearing it
well you know, minus the face harhar.
Its so soft! like really soft, I could fall asleep on it.
It also has pockets on both sides.
The downside however is that I saw this in the shop the other week when I didn't have money to buy it, and I really wanted the white and black one, but they ran out of that colour D: so I got this one instead [I still love it, just because of the softness!] but because of this she cut the price down for me, yay for discounts! 

anyways back the wondering of the streets of London.

We where just walking around, admiring the beauty of the city, the lights, the people and just talking and having a general catch up.

Pretty lights, though I am in London a lot I thought I would take a picture and post it, I thought it was pretty.
So we where just walking around, and then we came across a restraunt/cake shop, we have had a look at this place before but never been in. We decided to go in as we have been walking around a bit, but first I took some pictures of some of the yummyness that was in the window.

[warning this may make you hungry]

Cake anyone?
However I was still full at this point from dinner, though JR was seriously thinking about getting some cake.

The inside was really pretty! so I took a few pictures

It was nice! and the staff where really friendly as well.
Me and Jr decided just to get a drink, he got hot chocolate and I got a mocha, though JR kept look at the cakes on the menu. In the end JR decided against it because he still felt full, se we said we would come again another time....and try all of the cakes harhar!

Our drinks came and I thought the cups where huge!
also me and JR's drink looked exactly the same [and they where the same size]
So we had no idea that they had accidently swapped our drinks around...until I drank a bit of mine and realised it tasted completly like chocolate....and had no coffee in it what so ever aha!

So we just switched out drinks, no big deal, though they did look exactly the same!
We sat and talked, and we where right by the window so we where watching the busy night life of London while having a nice hot drink [I enjoy things like this as weird as it may sound].

Afterwards we did some more shopping and some more wondering, going into boots, smelling perfumes and looking at things to buy for peoples, I had a browse at some of the make up, but ended not buying anything.

So to end our night we went into M&M world, its so colourfull in there and just seems like a happy place to be! Though we had no intentions of buying anything [this is because everything is stupidly over priced] it was still nice to go in and have a browse.
We had a look around and then JR decided to run and hide from me, I was worried and felt like a lost child, then I found him 5 minutes later, evilllll! [couldn't of phoned him either because his phone had ran out of battery]

See so colourfull! and just puts a smile on your face when you walk in :D!
after this however I had to go home as it was late, but I had such a nice night out, I love spending time with my friends and just having a catch up.

Anyways I thought I would share this with you, as I always seem to be taking pictures whenever I am in london, so why not share it?
well til next time.

Ohhh I also got my hair cut.....Il post a picture of day soon ~ x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Gyaru make-up, contacts and fake lashes

So as promised the next one is about make up, I am doing this now only because me and JR are going out in london tonight and I will probably take many pictures and blog about our adventure.

So gyaru make up, I first tried this out last year and needles to say I think I failed a bit, though I don't have a picture, take my word for it. Though I guess everyone has to start somewhere, I mean you should of seen how I did my make up back when I was 14...
seriously, you know that overweight goth kid that everyone would start rumores about? yea that was me 

yes amazing quality I know, I hope you all got a good laugh out of the picture -.-

But over time we learn, and thats what happened to me, I may not be perfect but I think I'm a lot better than what I was.

so to start off it was finding a pair of contacts! [circle lenses] 
and my first pair was barbie kind size qua lenses, they actually turned out a lot darker than the picture but I still loved them, though they didn't really blend well with my eye colour [natural eye colour green/hazel...bit brown in the middle] and over time I learned how to pick contacts that would blend well with my natural eye colour.

Me without lenses

Me with my first ever pair of lenses

See what I mean by they didn't really blend with my eye colour?

Anyways at first I only used top lashes, I had never used bottom lashes, was kind of worried at first, but then I went shopping in cambridge one day and saw some, I thought I might as well buy these, then if I like them then I can buy more online or something, you know just like a trial, because my natural lashes are pretty long, but I like the effects that fake lashes give, and you can get so many different kinds which is why I love them!

So first time with the bottom lashes

Looking back at the picture I realise that I didn't like the lashes, but I did feel comfortable wearing them and wanted to get some proper ones from diamond lash.

At first my make up was really heavy, and my foundation, oh my gosh don't even get me started!
I thought that I needed the heavy make up, however my friends said I looked better with less. I thought they where just saying this because....well you know they are my friends! but over time I started to tone it down a bit. Foundation wise I don't use any, just bb cream and powder's as well as blush, I also noticed that this helped my skin lots and has become clearer.
I don't wear so much eye shadow now, but of course I still wear fake eye lashes!

As you can a lot of eye shadow [well compared to know always] I still wear brown eye shadow don't get me wrong, just not as much, and I tell you what I am a lot quicker getting ready ><

I don't think you can really tell in the picture above though.
but yea you get the idea I have just toned it down a bit, also I feel like I have become better at putting on false lashes. I also don't always put on fake bottom lashes, sometimes I do sometimes I don't it really depends on what mood I am in and how I am doing my make up really, but I still always wear top lashes.

What also helped me out a bit was my subscription to egg magazine, they show you how they do their make up in the magazine's and not only that but hair act. This is very helpful, because like them they use to wear heavy make up and I have noticed that over time some of the models have toned it down a bit. It is very good to look at and not only that but see how some of them have changed over time. 

My mini egg magazine collection 

sorry the quality, iPhone pictures for the win!

so yea before [this was a year...or just over a year ago]

old make up [what is up with my face, why does it look so orange?! and my lashes look...well not so good]

make up now

well I think its an improvement anyways, and like I said I am still learning and trying to improve.
Anyways thanks for reading, and incase you just thought WTF did I just read? then heres a picture to make  up for that.

I thought it was cute anyways.
Til next time x

Monday, 7 November 2011

Gyaru fashion

So yes today I am going to be talking about....japanese fashion/gyaru fashion.

First topic is fashion
I have recently been experimenting with clothes [mix and matching things together] know this sounds a bit silly, but I use just throw anything together, but recently I have been a bit picky and just trying things that I wouldn't have before.
For example I was looking at my egg magazine the other day and I had noticed that some of the models where wearing really nice dresses then throwing a baggy top over them, something so simple but I had never tried before, so I gave it a go and the result....

Now I am still a bit unsure if this works for me or not [not everyone will have the same taste in clothes and will have different opinions on this] maybe if the top didn't have so much on it, but I like how baggy the top is though, it tones down the dress and makes it a bit more casual. Well anyways like I said it was just an experiment, just something I wanted to try.
Heres apicture of the dress on its own
[This picture was taken 5-6 months ago when I first got the dress]

The next one is a pair of leggins I got when I was in London, and I LOVE them!

However as much as I love them, I have no idea what to wear with them, probably a plain top though, and maybe team it up with a pair of shorts, I got these leggins from a lady who sells really cute chinese, japanese and korean style clothes and she only gave them to me for £5! I couldn't say no.

From this same shop that I bought the leggins from I got a dress a few months before [the lady in this shop knows me as I am always looking at the new clothes she gets in] 

I do infact love this dress, However I had a few problems with it when I first bought it and that was it kept coming down, not only that but I didn't realise that my bra straps where showing, so luckly with strapless bra and a cheap £5 belt I fixed these minor problems [next time I will try on clothes like this before I buy them! downfall of my lazyness]
Also when I didn't wear the belt the dress would come and make me look bigger than what I actually am [this is where having a chest becomes a bit of a problems with clothes like this] so using the belt seems to balance it all out.

It also works with a cute cardigan [which I stole from emi....I will give it back] so you can wear it in cold weather.
I also prefer to wear denim shorts underneath the dress, I don't know why though.

Now I am on to my fav one piece [everyone at mcm expo thought it was a dress but it wasn't]

Looks a bit unflattering in this photo, but oh well I still love it, but again have to wear a strapless bra, I just teamed it up with a pair of brown high heeled boots and brown socks, me and my best friend didn't realise that we look like we match a bit aha.

Ok so next is a dress that I got was from london, and it was only £7! I thought that was amazing price for what it was, pluss I loved the pattern on it and fell in love with it, I also thought I saw something similar when I was looking through egg magazine, apart from the one I saw in egg was a lighter colour and she work a thick belt with it.

Again I had to wear a strapless bra for this dress, but I wasn't that botherd, the straps are really thin and silky, but when I took this photo I hid the straps because I wasn't sure If I should take them off, I decided not to, I don't know why I just thought it looked better with the straps >.<

I seem to be experimenting more with the clothes and trying new things that before I would never even dream of trying, this is because I have always looked at clothes and thought I really like that, but it wouldn't suit me, but now I am more open about fashion and just willing to try new things and styles, as long as I am happy with what I wear it shouldn't matter to other people right? =]

Unless you are wearing like a bikini or underwear outsite....

I also understand that not everyone will have the same taste in clothes but thats just because different people will have different tastes.

I also really want this outfit, gah it looks so cute!

Next blog will be about make up, hope you enjoyed reading this quick blog about fashion,
Till next :] x