Thursday, 10 November 2011

Gyaru make-up, contacts and fake lashes

So as promised the next one is about make up, I am doing this now only because me and JR are going out in london tonight and I will probably take many pictures and blog about our adventure.

So gyaru make up, I first tried this out last year and needles to say I think I failed a bit, though I don't have a picture, take my word for it. Though I guess everyone has to start somewhere, I mean you should of seen how I did my make up back when I was 14...
seriously, you know that overweight goth kid that everyone would start rumores about? yea that was me 

yes amazing quality I know, I hope you all got a good laugh out of the picture -.-

But over time we learn, and thats what happened to me, I may not be perfect but I think I'm a lot better than what I was.

so to start off it was finding a pair of contacts! [circle lenses] 
and my first pair was barbie kind size qua lenses, they actually turned out a lot darker than the picture but I still loved them, though they didn't really blend well with my eye colour [natural eye colour green/hazel...bit brown in the middle] and over time I learned how to pick contacts that would blend well with my natural eye colour.

Me without lenses

Me with my first ever pair of lenses

See what I mean by they didn't really blend with my eye colour?

Anyways at first I only used top lashes, I had never used bottom lashes, was kind of worried at first, but then I went shopping in cambridge one day and saw some, I thought I might as well buy these, then if I like them then I can buy more online or something, you know just like a trial, because my natural lashes are pretty long, but I like the effects that fake lashes give, and you can get so many different kinds which is why I love them!

So first time with the bottom lashes

Looking back at the picture I realise that I didn't like the lashes, but I did feel comfortable wearing them and wanted to get some proper ones from diamond lash.

At first my make up was really heavy, and my foundation, oh my gosh don't even get me started!
I thought that I needed the heavy make up, however my friends said I looked better with less. I thought they where just saying this because....well you know they are my friends! but over time I started to tone it down a bit. Foundation wise I don't use any, just bb cream and powder's as well as blush, I also noticed that this helped my skin lots and has become clearer.
I don't wear so much eye shadow now, but of course I still wear fake eye lashes!

As you can a lot of eye shadow [well compared to know always] I still wear brown eye shadow don't get me wrong, just not as much, and I tell you what I am a lot quicker getting ready ><

I don't think you can really tell in the picture above though.
but yea you get the idea I have just toned it down a bit, also I feel like I have become better at putting on false lashes. I also don't always put on fake bottom lashes, sometimes I do sometimes I don't it really depends on what mood I am in and how I am doing my make up really, but I still always wear top lashes.

What also helped me out a bit was my subscription to egg magazine, they show you how they do their make up in the magazine's and not only that but hair act. This is very helpful, because like them they use to wear heavy make up and I have noticed that over time some of the models have toned it down a bit. It is very good to look at and not only that but see how some of them have changed over time. 

My mini egg magazine collection 

sorry the quality, iPhone pictures for the win!

so yea before [this was a year...or just over a year ago]

old make up [what is up with my face, why does it look so orange?! and my lashes look...well not so good]

make up now

well I think its an improvement anyways, and like I said I am still learning and trying to improve.
Anyways thanks for reading, and incase you just thought WTF did I just read? then heres a picture to make  up for that.

I thought it was cute anyways.
Til next time x


  1. When you write your insane side really comes out! lol :) <3 x you are so gorgeous and always were! ... even as a goth kid ;) xxx

  2. aha is that a good thing or a bad thing? >.< and thank you sweetheart aha and are you kidding? that picture actually scares me every friggen time >.<!! nightmares xxx

  3. LOL x eek a good thing :P and it's ... special xxx

  4. My drivingslicense pictures is also horrible! + my passport picture.. im not really photogenic when it comes to those things .. lol XD

  5. aha this was also my passport picture until about a few months ago when I needed a new picture, but I really did look scary though >< oh well aha its in the past now x

  6. Lovely make-up

    and what a cute Octopus <33

  7. Can't wait to see you next month! Gonna be so fun! Missed you lots and lotssssss~!! xx

  8. Vicky ~ thank you very much! x

    emi ~ and yes I know, it shall be plenty of fun ^^ and I missed you too! xx

  9. Your gyaru history sounds a lot like mine! I also rarely wear bottom lashes and prefer less makeup over caking it on everywhere!
    The makeup you do now really suits you! Adorable! <3

  10. everyone has to start somewhere right? and thank you so much, thats really nice of you to say ~ x