Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gyaru make up & new Diamond lash

So first of all I would I would like to say yay and hello to my 30 followers, didn't think anyone would follow my blog [because I just seem to ramble and make no sense at times and just go on so much, I am the same in person as well! D:], I am trying to make it better and blog about interesting things.
I will improve over time aha!

well my new diamond lashes came the other day, was so happy! especially as I was running out, I was down to my last pair! 
The ones I got are the Diamond lash Pure series - Beauty eye [upper lash]

I was pleased with them when they arrived, they look so pretty and a bit more natural when I put them on, you know as opposed to the ones I used before.

So I decided to make my make up a little different, just a little not a major change, I also thought it wold be funny to take a picture of one of my eyes with make up, and the other without.

hooray for lashes, contacts and other make ups! I just thought it would be fun to share these photos with you all.

And on a ramdon rant, my hands are so cold! I have been driving tea all day just to keep me and my hands warm! I have no idea why I am so cold, I can't remember the last time I felt so cold, wtf is going on?! I miss being warm :(

With that out of the way, yea I changed the make up a bit to how I usually do it, but like I said not by loads, just made the eye liner thicker, added some brown eye shadow and joined the lower lashes to the upper lashes at the end of my eye.
So then I decided to take some pictures of both eyes that had been done of my subtle change on my eye make up.
Again apologies for poor quality iPhone photos

[wtf fringe? is it just me or does it look a bit odd?]

harhar! and there you have!
I do love diamond lash, I love the different kinds of lashes they have and have been using them for a while now, and I defiantly will keep on using them, whenever I need new upper lashes I order different ones [they have so many nice ones that I want to try so thats why I usually order a different set]
Now I need new bottom lashes T_T time browse for ages online and debate which lower lashes to get -.-

sorry for the short post by the way, it was just a mini update, but I have many exciting events coming up that I shall be blogging about, I am going shopping with emily on friday in london, I have to buy birthday presents for my dad and brother [dads birthday on the 5th of december and my little brothers on the 6th, brilliant!] I am also doing more shopping trips, and on the 10th of december I am going to see emilia in newcastle! then after that on the 17th&18 I driving to Bournemouth to see tom and yamii with tobias and emily, so much planned over the next month! and lots more in-between.
And now I am going to go out with my family to one of my favrioute italian restraints :D!
till next time x


  1. Hey Charlie loving the lashes but I'm the one who posted on G_S I see your going to London on Friday I was thinking of meeting saturday as it's a weekend you up for it :)

  2. heya, nice to meet you ^^ and I would say yea but I have work this saturday and sunday, Im free on thursdays and fridays though, really sorry (stupids works -.-) x

  3. Those lashes look really sweet on you! I'm thinking about changing lashes again, maybe I'll give these a try :)

  4. @l0ckheart - aw thank you ^^ and yea I think you should, the only downside is that they don't come with glue, but eh its not so bad, you get 5 pairs which is good, they I have so many different kinds so they are defiantly worth checking out :] x