Monday, 7 November 2011

Gyaru fashion

So yes today I am going to be talking about....japanese fashion/gyaru fashion.

First topic is fashion
I have recently been experimenting with clothes [mix and matching things together] know this sounds a bit silly, but I use just throw anything together, but recently I have been a bit picky and just trying things that I wouldn't have before.
For example I was looking at my egg magazine the other day and I had noticed that some of the models where wearing really nice dresses then throwing a baggy top over them, something so simple but I had never tried before, so I gave it a go and the result....

Now I am still a bit unsure if this works for me or not [not everyone will have the same taste in clothes and will have different opinions on this] maybe if the top didn't have so much on it, but I like how baggy the top is though, it tones down the dress and makes it a bit more casual. Well anyways like I said it was just an experiment, just something I wanted to try.
Heres apicture of the dress on its own
[This picture was taken 5-6 months ago when I first got the dress]

The next one is a pair of leggins I got when I was in London, and I LOVE them!

However as much as I love them, I have no idea what to wear with them, probably a plain top though, and maybe team it up with a pair of shorts, I got these leggins from a lady who sells really cute chinese, japanese and korean style clothes and she only gave them to me for £5! I couldn't say no.

From this same shop that I bought the leggins from I got a dress a few months before [the lady in this shop knows me as I am always looking at the new clothes she gets in] 

I do infact love this dress, However I had a few problems with it when I first bought it and that was it kept coming down, not only that but I didn't realise that my bra straps where showing, so luckly with strapless bra and a cheap £5 belt I fixed these minor problems [next time I will try on clothes like this before I buy them! downfall of my lazyness]
Also when I didn't wear the belt the dress would come and make me look bigger than what I actually am [this is where having a chest becomes a bit of a problems with clothes like this] so using the belt seems to balance it all out.

It also works with a cute cardigan [which I stole from emi....I will give it back] so you can wear it in cold weather.
I also prefer to wear denim shorts underneath the dress, I don't know why though.

Now I am on to my fav one piece [everyone at mcm expo thought it was a dress but it wasn't]

Looks a bit unflattering in this photo, but oh well I still love it, but again have to wear a strapless bra, I just teamed it up with a pair of brown high heeled boots and brown socks, me and my best friend didn't realise that we look like we match a bit aha.

Ok so next is a dress that I got was from london, and it was only £7! I thought that was amazing price for what it was, pluss I loved the pattern on it and fell in love with it, I also thought I saw something similar when I was looking through egg magazine, apart from the one I saw in egg was a lighter colour and she work a thick belt with it.

Again I had to wear a strapless bra for this dress, but I wasn't that botherd, the straps are really thin and silky, but when I took this photo I hid the straps because I wasn't sure If I should take them off, I decided not to, I don't know why I just thought it looked better with the straps >.<

I seem to be experimenting more with the clothes and trying new things that before I would never even dream of trying, this is because I have always looked at clothes and thought I really like that, but it wouldn't suit me, but now I am more open about fashion and just willing to try new things and styles, as long as I am happy with what I wear it shouldn't matter to other people right? =]

Unless you are wearing like a bikini or underwear outsite....

I also understand that not everyone will have the same taste in clothes but thats just because different people will have different tastes.

I also really want this outfit, gah it looks so cute!

Next blog will be about make up, hope you enjoyed reading this quick blog about fashion,
Till next :] x


  1. I adore your dress that wasn't a dress with the flowers on!! so cute! n__n where did you get that from =0 !!

  2. I got it from they have the exact same one in black :]

  3. ewww i have no idea what my face is doing in that picture ~ i look like a kappa -___-

  4. That one piece is super cute!! Ah Charli you pull everything of so well ^^

  5. awesh thank you ^-^ it is my fav thing to wear I loves it aha x

  6. you have such a nice style :) and you look really cute :D and i also love those leggins *___*

  7. thank you very much ^-^ and yes I also love them, and they where so cheap! >.< couldn't say no ^^ x

  8. I have the same leggings as you! ^^
    It is so hard to wear them :S


  9. Aww thats cool! and yea it is, trying to find tops and shoes that will go with them, but they are so pretty though