Monday, 28 November 2011

London Shopping

Well hello there my lovely's
I would just like start off by saying I am sorry if this blog post doesn't make much sense, however I have a good reason, I am listening to U-kiss new song tick tack! and I can't listening/watching it, oh my gosh it is so good! I am in love with the new song and not only that but the dance routine, I swear they are getting better and better.

Anyways with that out of the way I thought I would tell you about me and emi's day of shopping.
I can't remember the last time we just went shopping! it was nice and felt very relaxed, we weren't rush and just took our time browsing, it was very nice.

Well to start our day off we went to camden, but didn't actually buy anything apart from starbucks and went to a vegan cake shop that me and emi are addicted to! it is sooo nice, its just a small stall but I love their food, and all of it is vegan, though I don't have a picture of what me and emi had your just going to have to trust me on how damn tasty the food was, I had an ice scream sandwich, which is just heavenly and emi had a blondie, which is a white chocolate brownie/flapjack thingy, aha makes so much sense, but yea they are nice, I have had one before and you can get them heated up in the microwave and have served warm [which n my opinion is the best way and emi agrees with me]

So after our short browse round camden we headed off to leicester square and piccadilly, where I bought a christmas present for tom & tobias, I can't show you a picture because.....well tobias follows my blog so it would be a bit of a fail aha.
However I did buy myself a top, emi helped me pick it out, and here is what it looks like...

The women was nice enough to knock off some money for me, because she likes me ^-^ aha I love her so much, then again I am always buying stuff from her -.- thats probably why aha.
Anyways they do this top in a light pink which emi likes so I may get that for her.

And then we did some purikura, oh my gosh it had been a while since we did some, we needed some new ones for our purses, and we where happy with how they turned out as well.

1st set

2nd set

yes yes, we did 2 sets because we have fun taking pictures and decorating them, can you guess which picture is now in my purse? ;p
It needed updating though! [the picture in my purse] it was like a year old ><

So after that I bought some dried fruit and chocolate covered banana chips and yogurt covered banana chips [omnom they where so tasty!] and then we went to see on of our friends who owns a shop, they where working but didn't really have many customers because it wasn't that busy.

Oh my gosh on a side note I wondered off for a bit to look at some things on my own [you know while my two friends where chatting] and I had a french guy say he liked my style and that I had really small hands, like he couldn't get over how tiny they where.
It was so random, but his english was very good, though he had a strong accent.

ANYWAYS we saw our friend for a bit and sat down for a while because we had done a lot of walking around, and then we decided to go for food, can you guess where?
tyea thats right at our favrioute japanese restaurant, which I think they have re named now, but I can't remember what they re named it.
we sat down and ordered, emi got the pork cutlet ramen that I suggested to her

Needless to say she didn't finnish it off, aha I have never been able to, but it does taste darn tasty.

and then my dish was lovely, ahhh I love tempura, so nice! again with a free mini bowl of miso soup.

Oh gosh I love it so much! and I love the sauce, however I could't eat all of it >< it is impossible D:!

oh and here is a picture of me looking like a walrus

yea I have no idea what possessed me to do this, however emi found it funny.

well as the rest of the night went on we just hung out with a friend, browsing the streets and just chilling, I also decided to draw on my friends newspaper....I had to have some fun with this though, want to see my art work?

aha amazing right? I don't know, it was fun to do at the time and didn't take long, just thought it would be funny to do one side though ;D
So all in all it was a good day/night, didn't get home til about 2 am D: but did I go to sleep? no don't be silly, I did some online christmas 3am, seemed like a good idea at the time aha.
but I am happy because I have orderd emi's christmas present :D

Next time I go shopping though I will take more interesting photos, I promise, and sorry this post was a bit rushed, I need to do some work so I thought I would do a quick blog post :]
Also incase you are wondering yes I am still listening to U-kiss tick tack ;D

til next time x


  1. Your new top looks so cute ^^

  2. ahhh thank you, it feels sooo comfy as well, plus its really long, perfect for the weather web got going on at the moment ><

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