Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mini diet update

Ok so I know it hasn't been long and I am already doing an update! buttt there is a good reason....
kind of 

so as I said in my last post I went to expo, and I thought I had over eaten, anyways I got home and the next day it had turned out that I had lost a pound! I was shocked, but then I look back at it and we did do a lot of walking, but still I didn't think we did that much! but then again when I got home my feet where killing me!

anyways now to the exciting part, I weighed myself this morning and guess what I weigh 7.12.8 (this is in stone)
thats 111 pounds

I was happy with myself anyways because this means that I am making progress >:] mwhaha
although I am kind of suprised because I had a mc donalds a few days ago with a friend.....and some sweets, but I did say I wasn't going to go cold turkey!

There is a food that I am addicted to though which is Atkins Cappachino bars, I have been having one every day! I can't get enough of them, however they are so expensive! they are £5.25....a box! and you only get 5 (or 6) in a box, what are these Day break bars made out of? gold?!

anyways I thought I would just share my joy with you 
however it does not help that I come across things like these!

I posted these on my tumblr! how freakin yummy do these look!!

It also doesnt help that me and 2 of my friends are going out for dinner tomorrow when I have finnished work, wel probably get some yummy things >:3 don't judge me.

So yes as I said, just a mini update, til next time!

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