Tuesday, 15 November 2011

nails,amazing hairdressers, new hair & hair colour?

So in my last post at the end I said I got my hair cut.
It desperatly needed cutting and I have just been so busy with everything and completely forgot about it for a while now.
So there is this lovely lady in london called Fiza who did my nails

(sorry for the awful quality)
but yes she is an amazing lady and I loved my nails!
Anyways I needed my hair doing so I asked her [because I thought she did cut hair but I couldn't remember >.<]
She told me she didn't but recommended this place to me which was a 2 minute walk away, so thats where I went.
Believe it or not I didn't get lost or anything which is a first for me.
So I went in there and told them that fiza had sent me, the lady who owned the hairdressers knew who I was talking about and was happy to cut my hair for me then and there, I was happy :D!
The lady's name was Mary and she said that my hair was dry and damaged at the ends [I knew this, was pretty obvious]
So I sat down and they brought me over a free green tea, I was pretty happy with that in itself.
Then they put shampoo in my hair....but my hair wasn't wet, they just put it straight on while my hair was dry. I can honestly say I have never had that happen to me at a hairdressers before, but it was nice though.
After washing the shampoo out I was taken back to my seat, and this was the best part... I was given a mini massage and it felt Amazing [that could sound weird] but yes it felt so nice, even though it as only for 5-10 minutes, just relaxed me so much, was just what I needed! [and I didn't even request it! took me by suprise].
After this I had a different man come over who blow dried my hair for me [he thought I was still in school -.-] and then afterwards Mary came along and cut my hair for me.
It feels sooo much better now! and I am thinking of getting some conditioning treatments done as well [to help my hair a bit] though she cut a fair bit off I wasn't that bothered, my ends where BAD.
This was probably the best hairdressers I have been to, they where nice and I felt so relaxed.
[Also after I had my hair done fiza got  hers done aha!]
So yea I guess I should show a before an after picture

[I know my face looks a bit derpish]


now I don't have to keep flicking my fringe to the side:D
So yes I am a happy bunny, also my best friend approved of my hair cut.
However! now I am thinking of dying my hair. Me and emi where in town today just browsing around and I was looking at hair colours, and there was a reddish colour which caught my attention.
Now over a year and a half ago I use to have bright red hair, but got rid of it because it was too much of a hassle to keep, but my friends said it suited me a lot.
So this time I was thinking of going maybe one these colours.

I don't want to go too dark nor do I want to it to be too in your face [because of work]
So if you have any thoughts or anything then please by all means leave a comment.

Anyways thats all I am going to leave you with for now.
night night ^^


  1. Your nails are adorable! And, that salon sounds like many Japanese salons! They always bring you free refreshments and do massages.
    Your haircut really suits you.

    I think the intense red and deep auburn red mixed together with your normal hair color (highlight/lowlights) would look really stunning!

  2. ah thank you. ah really? I have never been to a japanese salon before, but it was nice to find something like this in london, and it wasn't amazingly over priced as well, and thank you.

    oh that does sound nice, and I was going to keep my normal hair colour, and just put the hair dye over the top because I think it would look better like that and a bit more natural-ish if that makes sense, but thanks, Im not going to get it done straight away [i need the money] but still think about it a bit more x

  3. Your nails are gorgeous! My friend has her nails done by Fiza before. What salon is she working at? i really want to go check it out :D

  4. I like sizzling copper and red fire! :D <3 x

  5. emmie - thank you, she did a good job, and they lasted a really long time, and I can't remember the name but do you know where purikura/london photo sticker club is? she is down stairs from there, I have her card somewhere in my room I will have a look for it if you want for more details, but the women is lovely!

    tobi - thank you and yes they do look nice, i kind of like the looks of all of them, but can't get all of them done >.< x

  6. Love your nails! I can't do my nails, becoz of school and we paint a lot. I really like the deep auburn red ^^ :D

  7. ahh thank you, and ah that kind of sucks though, and thank you, yea a it is nice, but damn i like all of them ><

  8. i think the intense red would look lovely on you but maybe go a slighty lighter shade just in case it goes black :] x

  9. those nails...I want!! I'm going to have to find this salon and get my own nails done!!

  10. Yeah, Fiza is great! She's done my nails before, she's really good in doing extreme nails if you want them :)