Monday, 12 December 2011

travels to Newcastle and seeing Emilia!

So it had been a while since I last saw Emilia, She lives in Newcastle and I.....well I don't, Basically she lives at the other end of the country, because when I was on the train the train ticket man looked at my ticket then looked at me and said 'ohhh its cold up there' -.- I was not happy with this.

So I got up super early as my train was super early, I would of driven up there, but honestly it is soo much easier by train.
my train ticket, it took about 3 hours all n all because my train was a bit late.

So I met up with Emilia and we went for food, as it was 1 o'clock and I hadn't eaten all day, just had 2 lattes.
I can't remember the exact name of my dish but it was something like shanghai style seafood in noodles, something along those lines!

recently I have been having a great love of seafood for some reason.
And yes I did gobble it all up, was very yummy (^.^)

Afterwards me and Emilia had a look around some shops, most of the time staying inside the shopping centre because it was so cold! we had a look round and pretty much just had a catch up, plus it was sooo busy as it was a saturday! seriously couldn't believe how busy it was D: so many people, you couldn't really go shopping to be honest.
So looking round we went past sooo many cake shops!
And you know how much I love my cakes and sweet things !

How cute are they! though I didn't buy any, I restrained myself ><

Then me and Emilia where brave and ventured outside, as there was an outside market! so we had a browse there as well.

Look how dark that skye is D: but it was nice walking outside, though it was raining now and then, and I left my umbrella in my other bag -.- I fail.
But guess what! we came across another cake stand, and yes I did buy some this time, even Emilia bought one! because they where sparkly! you can't say not to sparkly cupcakes.

See and that was just some of them! I got 4, but not all 4 where for me, I gave 1 to tobias and Emi the next day, and they thought they where very yummy.

Emilia and yes she is hiding behind the cupcake, I was special and got a box for all of my cupcakes ^.^
[thats just because I bought so many though]

these are the 4 cupcakes I bought, Sparkles!! ****

We decided to go to starbucks for a bit, I bought another latte, but it was one I had never tried before, but can't remember what it was called -.- and Emilia had a hot chocolate

Emilia took a picture of me on my phone, and yes my hair dyed a bit from the rain ><

So then I attacked back with me taking pictures of her >:D but you know she hides behind stuffs.

We sat in starbucks and chitchatted some more [yes we talk a lot]
and then decided to go to a manga shop, where Emilia decided to try and poke me D: she knows how much I hate it! 
years ago when I first met her in London [and yes this was many years ago] we where in Leicester square sat on a bench and there was a couple on the bench next to us making out, and all of the sudden she poked my side and I screamed, scaring the couple near us so much that they jumped, was funny but not for me at the time D:

So yes she kept saying she was a hug but I knew what her real intentions where -.-
So  I came up with a plan >:D!

Emilia used poke, it was super effective!
Emilia try and used charm
Charli became confused
Charli used camera
It was super effective >:D
Emilia ran away

looks like she's going to fall over though o.0

then I saw this picture in the manga shop, me and Emilia couldn't stop laughing at it!


ALL n all it was a good day, missed her lots n lots.

The next day I went to MK with Tobias and Emi, but I will probably do a blog post about that tomorrow or something, till next time ^^ x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

3d Japanese nails, shopping and holiday!

So its been a while since I last posted on here,
sorry I have been busy with things, sorting stuff out and what not, just so much is going on! where to start?

Ok so that's a lie I know where to start, on the 4th of January my father is going to be in Japan for over a month!
That is right a month, now originally I was going to go with him for a bit then go to Tokyo for 4 days, however after many talks with my parents and looking at costs for plane tickets [now this is a stupidly long story so I won't bore you with the details] to break it down short we decided that I wont be going, its also really short notice. Plus going to Tokyo on my own Is kind of a scary thought in itself.
We will be skyping to my dad though, which will be nice ^^

So anyways with my dad out of the country for a while my mum and dad have decided to re decorate the WHOLE house. This means every room, even mine and my brothers! new carpet new painted walls, just new everything! which is exciting but at the same time worrying, as all my purikura is on my wall so I will have to take them all down and put them all back up -.-
oh well! will be worth it though!

So now completely changing subjects, I have10 days off work! which is nice, doing so much!
Well at the start of the week it was my dads & brothers birthdays.
They had good birthdays and  liked the presents and cards I got them which made me happy [now im just worrying about Christmas presents D:]
So while I have this time off work I decided that I wanted nice nails >:]
I got these a while ago but only just decided to put them on
[warning some picture spamming]

I like them very ^^

At this point in time I am staying with my grandparents, this is because every time they come to visit my family they never see me because I am working, therefore I kind of fail -.- so they invited me to stay with them for a while, which is nice, when I was young I stayed with them every weekend, so its a nice feeling, aha like I am 6 or something :p takes me back ^^
Well me and my Nan made Christmas cake, we took it in turns mixing the Christmas cake batter and making a wish.

Ok so I know it doesn't look very nice there, but the cake looks really nice now ^^ I would take a picture but my nan has wraped it all up, and I don't want to un wrap it because...well I just have the feeling the cake would fall on the floor....or....explode if I was to even touch it aha.

I did some mini shoping with my Nan this afternoon as well, which was nice, and tomorrow I am going out for lunch with my Grandad :D
but here are some of the things I bought

Oh this smells so nice!! so I had to get it, and yes at the bottom of it there is a label that says 'don't drink me' o.0

I had run out of this, its so good! so happy I got some more!

well I have never tried this before, but it looked really nice, and I thought that I might as well get it with the toner [I am all for trying out new skin care products]

So what else do I have planned over this busy month?
well Saturday I am going to Newcastle to see Emilia which shall be nice ^^, Sunday going to MK with Emi & Tobias to do some Christmas shopping, then next Thursday going out with Justin & Jr, then on Friday I leave with Emi&Tobias to drive to Bournemouth and see Tom and Yamii and other peoples who we haven't seen in a while.
So yea many fun times coming up!
Anyways I am off to make Tea, til next time ^^