Monday, 12 December 2011

travels to Newcastle and seeing Emilia!

So it had been a while since I last saw Emilia, She lives in Newcastle and I.....well I don't, Basically she lives at the other end of the country, because when I was on the train the train ticket man looked at my ticket then looked at me and said 'ohhh its cold up there' -.- I was not happy with this.

So I got up super early as my train was super early, I would of driven up there, but honestly it is soo much easier by train.
my train ticket, it took about 3 hours all n all because my train was a bit late.

So I met up with Emilia and we went for food, as it was 1 o'clock and I hadn't eaten all day, just had 2 lattes.
I can't remember the exact name of my dish but it was something like shanghai style seafood in noodles, something along those lines!

recently I have been having a great love of seafood for some reason.
And yes I did gobble it all up, was very yummy (^.^)

Afterwards me and Emilia had a look around some shops, most of the time staying inside the shopping centre because it was so cold! we had a look round and pretty much just had a catch up, plus it was sooo busy as it was a saturday! seriously couldn't believe how busy it was D: so many people, you couldn't really go shopping to be honest.
So looking round we went past sooo many cake shops!
And you know how much I love my cakes and sweet things !

How cute are they! though I didn't buy any, I restrained myself ><

Then me and Emilia where brave and ventured outside, as there was an outside market! so we had a browse there as well.

Look how dark that skye is D: but it was nice walking outside, though it was raining now and then, and I left my umbrella in my other bag -.- I fail.
But guess what! we came across another cake stand, and yes I did buy some this time, even Emilia bought one! because they where sparkly! you can't say not to sparkly cupcakes.

See and that was just some of them! I got 4, but not all 4 where for me, I gave 1 to tobias and Emi the next day, and they thought they where very yummy.

Emilia and yes she is hiding behind the cupcake, I was special and got a box for all of my cupcakes ^.^
[thats just because I bought so many though]

these are the 4 cupcakes I bought, Sparkles!! ****

We decided to go to starbucks for a bit, I bought another latte, but it was one I had never tried before, but can't remember what it was called -.- and Emilia had a hot chocolate

Emilia took a picture of me on my phone, and yes my hair dyed a bit from the rain ><

So then I attacked back with me taking pictures of her >:D but you know she hides behind stuffs.

We sat in starbucks and chitchatted some more [yes we talk a lot]
and then decided to go to a manga shop, where Emilia decided to try and poke me D: she knows how much I hate it! 
years ago when I first met her in London [and yes this was many years ago] we where in Leicester square sat on a bench and there was a couple on the bench next to us making out, and all of the sudden she poked my side and I screamed, scaring the couple near us so much that they jumped, was funny but not for me at the time D:

So yes she kept saying she was a hug but I knew what her real intentions where -.-
So  I came up with a plan >:D!

Emilia used poke, it was super effective!
Emilia try and used charm
Charli became confused
Charli used camera
It was super effective >:D
Emilia ran away

looks like she's going to fall over though o.0

then I saw this picture in the manga shop, me and Emilia couldn't stop laughing at it!


ALL n all it was a good day, missed her lots n lots.

The next day I went to MK with Tobias and Emi, but I will probably do a blog post about that tomorrow or something, till next time ^^ x


  1. Wow 3 hours! I can never travel on train that long heheh~
    The oreo cupcake looks so nice *w* :drools~

  2. The cupcakes are so cute >.<

  3. yoyo - ahhh really? it goes really quickly though so its not too bad, and yeaaa aha they taste amazing!

    Crystal - they are cute but they looked soo tasty I couldnt resist >< cupcakes are made for eating which is a shame because people make them look so cute so I feel a bit guilty ><