Thursday, 8 March 2012

Back Home, Liz Lisa & New hair (picture heavy)

So first of all I would like to start of by saying sorry its been a while, been busy with stuff ><

I am happy to say that my parents are back :D
Long story short my Dad has been in Japan since 3rd of January working his bum off. He wasn't going to be able to get back for my mums birthday in time [which is the 1st of March] So he flew my mum to Tokyo and they spent 5 days together in Tokyo as a mini holiday/birthday Celebration [I gave my mum her card and presents before she left] and they just came back together, which is nice. However my Dad does have to back to Japan soon, but not 100% sure when as of yet.

While they where out there they got me a present which was a Liz lisa dress, I couldn't believe it! My dad picked it out, and yes my dad went in Liz lisa shop which I couldn't imagine, but he was with my mum as well, though if you saw my dad you would see what I mean but not being able to imagine him in such a shop.
The bag it came in was beautiful, it even kind of matched the dress they bought me :D

And here is the dress

I was so worried it wouldn't fit me because it looked so small, but my dad said it was just in one size, and luckly it fits me, phew ><

they also got me some other things like the underground maps and what not.

They told me they had a good time which is good :] it was my mums 40th after all >< though I dont think she looks it.

While they where away I had to look after my brother and the dogs. On Thursdays my brother goes kayaking, so I drove him to practice, but before that we went and had pizza hut :D

Our pizza was huge! but so yummy :D
Oh also I came home to my brother having a purple moustache -.- someone drew him one on is school, as you do.

yep thats my little brother for you.

Oh when we tipped the waitress in pizza hut, she was nice to us, we felt like we needed to:]

Though we didnt have a lot of change ><

So to top things all off I bought a new wig from yesstyle [for anyone who doesnt know, I love my wigs]

andd this is what it looks like

Its so nice and Comfy :D
Anyways thats it for now. I have just come back from having a meal with my family and I am feeling pretty stuffed and tired, til next time :]