Friday, 18 May 2012

needing help with the hair + cute things!

Wow bet you wernt expecting a blog post this soon ayyy ;D
Anyways I am going to start off with saying that I went shopping the other, and when I got home I notcied that all my shopping was pink, yeaaa this is what I mean

believe it or not this wasn't actually done on purpose, soo I needed more heat protecting hair product stuff [good choice of words there] and it was buy 2 get 1 free, and then I saw this hello kitty, now keep in mind I don't have any hello kitty plushies, and it was on sale for £5 which I thought was pretty good conisdoring some of the prices I have seen for hello kitty plushies.
I also bought ice cream and one of the flavours was strawberry cheesecake >< so yummy.

Anyways I just wanted to start off by sharing that because...well it amazed me and I didn't even realise what I had done.

Sooo hair, a while ago I got dyed, and now I am at that time where I need it dying again, or if I don't bother and just get it cut or blahfdfngjreg.
I am growing it though, its getting kind of long.

no straightened, my hair is naturally pretty darn curly, but this was taken a few months ago.
I did get my hair dyed this really nice redish brown colour, but its faded so much, but I did really like the colour, though it sucks because I can't find a picture on this pc of me with it ;__; failll

but I also like this colour of my wig.

Me and my best friend

Though I do really like the colour, I don't think I will dye it this colour, after a long hard think about it.
Bahh I just can't make up mind to save my life at times -..-

Or maybe I will just leave it and....yeaa.......
but heres a recent picture, the blonde streaks have made a return, they dont seem to want to leave mee mwhahah

hes my little brother and yet hes soo much more taller than me, we only look the same sort of height because hes sat down ;__; I fel so small D:

but yea if anyone had any suggestions then please feel free, I am just  a lil unsure at the moment.....AGAIN.

I would like to end this post with wanting one of these

So I was just browsing the internet, then all of the sudden BAM! got hit by cuteness.
I don't even care what colour, they all look nice :__:

Also I am going to change my blog layout at some point, make it look better, hopefully, though I am not great with these sorts of things I will do my best (Y)
Sooo thats it for now.
Later bro x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Heavy eye make up & Cosplay

Sooo it has indeed been a while.
I am so sorry for this >< been so busy recently (even though I had 2 weeks off work) it was still very busy, visiting friends and family, I dont really see my family that much because my parents are forever working away and plus I work such awkward hours -.-

ANYWAYSSS I hope you have all been well.
So to start off I have been experimenting with eye make, lashes and contacts.
I wanted to try heavy-ish gyaru eye make up.....if that makes sense.
well this is my attempt

So first attempt, and I think in some areas it looks a bit eh, but will try and improve, I really liked the style of the make up. I got the inspiration from this lovely lady.

Aina Tanika is one of my fav egg models, I think this is because she was one of the first gyaru model that I came across.
Well I tried, all I can do know is try and improve, though I can see my lower lashes [natural] even without using masscare -.- which blows a bit.

well now that quick bit about make up is done now to tell you about cosplay and LONDON MCM EXPO FJNGKTR.

Yes yes yes, I am going to cosplay and I have never cosplayed before, sooo hopefully I wil be able to pull it off ><
I am going as Sarah from final fantasy 13
here is a picture

I have this wig, I have the oufit, I even had the boots and blue contacts! Though I havn't tried them all on together, I have worn the wig a few times.
I will definatly take pictures when I do, and you guys can give me your honest opinions and stuffs.
So yea thats is for now, sorry its bit of a rubbish post, but I will do one next week, and make up for the lack of posts these past few months -.-

Oh I also took a picture of the amount of eyelashes I have, I couldn't believe I have this many. butt at the same time its a good thing because I have side wide range to choose from :D

So til next time ^^ x