Thursday, 10 May 2012

Heavy eye make up & Cosplay

Sooo it has indeed been a while.
I am so sorry for this >< been so busy recently (even though I had 2 weeks off work) it was still very busy, visiting friends and family, I dont really see my family that much because my parents are forever working away and plus I work such awkward hours -.-

ANYWAYSSS I hope you have all been well.
So to start off I have been experimenting with eye make, lashes and contacts.
I wanted to try heavy-ish gyaru eye make up.....if that makes sense.
well this is my attempt

So first attempt, and I think in some areas it looks a bit eh, but will try and improve, I really liked the style of the make up. I got the inspiration from this lovely lady.

Aina Tanika is one of my fav egg models, I think this is because she was one of the first gyaru model that I came across.
Well I tried, all I can do know is try and improve, though I can see my lower lashes [natural] even without using masscare -.- which blows a bit.

well now that quick bit about make up is done now to tell you about cosplay and LONDON MCM EXPO FJNGKTR.

Yes yes yes, I am going to cosplay and I have never cosplayed before, sooo hopefully I wil be able to pull it off ><
I am going as Sarah from final fantasy 13
here is a picture

I have this wig, I have the oufit, I even had the boots and blue contacts! Though I havn't tried them all on together, I have worn the wig a few times.
I will definatly take pictures when I do, and you guys can give me your honest opinions and stuffs.
So yea thats is for now, sorry its bit of a rubbish post, but I will do one next week, and make up for the lack of posts these past few months -.-

Oh I also took a picture of the amount of eyelashes I have, I couldn't believe I have this many. butt at the same time its a good thing because I have side wide range to choose from :D

So til next time ^^ x

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