Monday, 25 June 2012

Shopping week

So you might be wondering why I use the title shopping week, well this is because this week I am completly free, no work, no nothing. It is my week off basicly because wednesday of this week is my birthday and it is a big one. So this has been planned for sometime now and everyday of this week I have something planned. Tuesday I am going to see my grandparents, then London and emi's. Wednesday birthday, which during the day I am going shopping with my mum in Cambridge and then having a birthday meal with my family. Thursday I leave with emi and drive down to Bournmouth to see some friends, we leave Saturday and Sunday I am just going to sleep and have a roast dinner.

So a busy week ahead of me :D But don't think that today I did nothing, because today I went shopping in London with Shailey ^^

To start the day off I was kind of pondering on what to wear, I heard it was going to be pretty warm so I decided to be brave and go with shorts and top, It did end up being lovely weather all day so I was pretty happy.

Today's outfit:

Bit of a simple look today, and yes I am wearing shorts, just realised you can't really see them though D:!
So first stop was Camden, to be honest I have gone off Camden, me and Emi use to go there a lot, but now not so much, just because of the fact that we never really see/find anything that we want to buy, the only thing I did like about Camden was this AMAZING cake stand which did vegan cakes/cookies/brownies which is no longer there and makes me very sad D:! However Shailey wanted to go which didn't bother me, I was pretty happy just walking around, and who knows maybe I would find something that would catch my interest.
Coming to the end of our travels round Camden market and I found something that caught my attention.

[a bit creased from being scrunched up in my bag]

I thought this shirt was brilliant! and yes I know Camden has many different styles of shops, and many shops with pretty dresses, but I fell in love with this top when I saw it, they had one in white as well, but I prefferd the grey. This was the only thing I bought in Camden, though it was still nice to browse and have a look around, sooo many food stands to look at as well.

So now moving on from Camden our next stop was leicester square and we went to have some purikura taken, also shailey needed a new membership card because she had lost her other one. This one is my fav out of the bunch.

Then off we went to get food, and went to the Japanese restraunt Suki. I decided to be adventurous and get something that I have never had before which was crispy duck salad, it was so tasty! and I got a lot of duck in the Salad as well which I wasn't expecting.

After dinner we did a bit more shopping around and down stairs from purikura a new store had opened up which sold a good amount of different face masks, so I decided to check it out, and they did single ones [so you could mix and match] I decided to buy 3 differents kinds and see how I would like them, and then if I did I could always go back and buy the big boxes of them that they had for sale.

The Masks I bought.

I'm not the only one who gets a bit excited when they buy new skin care products,make up & contacts that they can't wait and just want to try all of it on the spot! well yea thats me anyways -.-

I also ended up buying some new contact lenses, which I can't wait to wear out! I was just browsing and wanted a bright blue, I ended up coming across some but they do look huge o.0 which is good don't get me wrong, and they look very pretty I just hope they look nice on my eyes, I will probably wear these on Wednesday when I go to Cambridge:D!

I also bought a new contact lense case [needed one for when I go to America] I did have one for airplanes but the mirror broke and so did the tweezers that came with it, So I got a new one and is now the home for my new lenses :D

[because I loved pink panther when I was younger....still do]

So this is all I got in London, I say this is all but it is actually kind of a lot o.0 I didn't stay out too late, got home around 8 because I am going a lot tomorrow.
Do exepct some more shopping blog posts soon though. Thank you for reading and shall see you in the next post.x.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

bye Emilie + other updates

Ok so I thought I would start of by saying bye to Emilie and good luck to her in Japan! I was invited to the leaving thingy-ma-bob. I was so kind of worried, only reason being is because I am bad when it comes to meeting new people/big groups, this is because I get nervous and talk....I talk loadsss, I talk so much I don't know when to shut up -.- I am terrible. This is becuase I just feel like I should say something, but I don't really realise what I say some of the time until afterwards and it hits my brain minutes later.

I have only ever met Emilie at expo and she is a very nice person, I was glad to see her before she left, and I loved her eye make up.

So first we met up with peoples and went to a park, thankfully the weather was decent, bit of wind here and there but nothing mayjor. We all brought some different food/drink, I wasn't really sure what to bring so I just bought many packs of pocky, I think they where all eaten or at least given to a good home >< kind of wish I took a picture, but believe me when I say there was A LOT.
I had a lot of fun at this event, met some nice new people and had the most amazing chocolate and peanut butter cupcake, wish again that I took a picture butttt I was too busy eating it and enjoying it.
I didn't take any pictures, this is because I was pretty happy with talking to people and enjoying myself.

Well me, emi and Lizzie left and said goodbye to everyone, all the people there where so nice.

Emi had to go somewhere so me and Lizzie headed off to boots, I needed some things desperatly from there and then we headed to the japanese restraunt that I took her to last time >:] though no Haagen Daz ice cream restraunt this time because we where just so full.

So after our bellys where full we went and had some purikura taken, HUZAH!
here are some of the pictures.

aha just incase you wanted to know what me and lizzie where wearing :]

I also bought a few things, we didn't stay out too late, this is because I had work in the morning [also was father's day in the morning so I got up and made my parents breakfast in bed] Anyways here are some of the things that I had bought.

Yep, eyelashes and face masks, I really liked the look of these eyelashes, though I really need to buy some new glue -.-
The masks that I had bought are for when I go to America, this is because it is going to be a long old travel, this is because we don't need to get one flight, but two! then there is waiting at the airport [this can usually be between 3-7 hours for our change over]. What I was getting at though is that these masks are good for making me feel refreshed on the plane and kind to my skin, though I havn't tried these ones before, but the lady in the shop helped me [they had so many different kinds of masks I didn't even know where to start] she said she used these for flights as well and said they are really good, well I am sold because she had perfect skin aha.
So this story is going to relate to my updated news, I don't think I have mentioned this in a previous blog entry but I go to America every year, and I usually travel on my own [to see family] but I am happy to say that my little brother is coming with me! This makes me so happy becuase I have always wanted him to come with me, though I got our flight details, and we have to get up pretty darn early, and when I say early we need to leave the house at 3am -.-.

We are not leaving until mid July, but I am just so happy/excited for this, I have always wanted him to come with me, I just hope he has a good time.
[some more old-ish purikura of me and my brother]

Ok so I say little brother, he is actually A LOT bigger than me, damn it why am I so small D:!
so to celebrate this [bout a week or so ago] we went to pizza hut before I took him kyaking, well we just wanted an excuse to go to pizza hut, and he paid for it o.0 bless him, sometimes I feel like I am the younger one -.-
So with that being said I am going to leave you with the picture of the pizza we had which was just so epic it had meatballs and cheese in the crust.

This was so tasty, so yea I am going to leave now because I feel so hungry, see you guys next time! x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shopping in London with Lizzie & new blog layout

So I have been meaning to do a post for a while now, and I was supposed to do a post about me and Lizzie's meet [I have been busy at work] 
So now I have time I thought I would tell you about our fun little day out in London :]

So go back to October and I went to a gal meet with my best friend in London, I was a bit nervous at first because there where so many people and when I first meet people I get nervous and talk a lot and just don't shut up, so yea I was a little worried.
Anyways while I was there I briefly met Lizzie and she was so nice! 
we chatted for a while but I didn't see her after that really, though we had each other on Facebook, and after many months and chatting online we decided to meet up and go shopping in London.
So when I left my house it was lovely and sunny, then it just turned into rubbish weather, and it was like that the whole day :( I started to look like a drowned rat by the end of the day -.-

It was funny, I was walking up to the exit of the underground and turned my head and lizzie was there also walking up, perfect timing!! we both laughed at how amazing our timing skills where.
We first took some purikura, it was lots of fun, I love taking purikura with friends, I just love decorating the pictures afterwards, but I think this is my favourite picture of us.

She is so pretty! and has such a lovely smile.
Soon after this we started to feel hungry, so I suggested this japanese restaurant that I thought she would like, I was praying that she would like the food in there ><!

When we got in Lizzie got a lil confused with the seating arrangements ;p
The food in this restaurant is good and pretty cheap as well.
So Lizzie got tempura ramen 

Looks zoo tasty! I may have to try this next time I go there.
However I got pork cutlet ramen, was sooo tasty, I love it so much!

After Dinner we had a look round some shops, to be honest we didn't really buy a whole lot, we spent most of the day talking and getting to know each other better. I did go to Starbucks twice as well.
So after looking round some shops we met up with Lizzie's boyfriend and  his twin brother, they are so nice as well! Meeting new people is always good :]
So because we met them in Leicester square I asked them if they wanted to go to a Haagen Daz restaurant.
For those of you wondering a Haagen Daz restaurant is basically a desert restaurant, the best kind! aha 

You can make your own, or choose a already set desert.
I made my own, because if you don't want a big one it works out cheaper for you, and I wanted food but I didn't think I could eat that much >< so heres what I had

It is waffle with butterscotch sauce and nut crunch on top, with pralines and cream ice cream, YUM!

Digging in :D!

All in all I had a really fun day, just chatting and walking round shops. I really hoped Lizzie had a good time as well, which she said she did and she is still talking to me so thats a good sign ;D
And I am very much looking forward to seeing her Saturday as well.

Anyways I will do another blog soon, sorry if this one seems a bit rushed but its nearly 1am, my dog is jumping on me and I have to get up early ><!
I am so good with timing!

oh also what do we think of the new blog layout? let me know what you think, I know its kind of simple but I just wanted something a little different for now, I may change it sometime soon I don't know. Well thats all for now, til next time :] x