Monday, 25 June 2012

Shopping week

So you might be wondering why I use the title shopping week, well this is because this week I am completly free, no work, no nothing. It is my week off basicly because wednesday of this week is my birthday and it is a big one. So this has been planned for sometime now and everyday of this week I have something planned. Tuesday I am going to see my grandparents, then London and emi's. Wednesday birthday, which during the day I am going shopping with my mum in Cambridge and then having a birthday meal with my family. Thursday I leave with emi and drive down to Bournmouth to see some friends, we leave Saturday and Sunday I am just going to sleep and have a roast dinner.

So a busy week ahead of me :D But don't think that today I did nothing, because today I went shopping in London with Shailey ^^

To start the day off I was kind of pondering on what to wear, I heard it was going to be pretty warm so I decided to be brave and go with shorts and top, It did end up being lovely weather all day so I was pretty happy.

Today's outfit:

Bit of a simple look today, and yes I am wearing shorts, just realised you can't really see them though D:!
So first stop was Camden, to be honest I have gone off Camden, me and Emi use to go there a lot, but now not so much, just because of the fact that we never really see/find anything that we want to buy, the only thing I did like about Camden was this AMAZING cake stand which did vegan cakes/cookies/brownies which is no longer there and makes me very sad D:! However Shailey wanted to go which didn't bother me, I was pretty happy just walking around, and who knows maybe I would find something that would catch my interest.
Coming to the end of our travels round Camden market and I found something that caught my attention.

[a bit creased from being scrunched up in my bag]

I thought this shirt was brilliant! and yes I know Camden has many different styles of shops, and many shops with pretty dresses, but I fell in love with this top when I saw it, they had one in white as well, but I prefferd the grey. This was the only thing I bought in Camden, though it was still nice to browse and have a look around, sooo many food stands to look at as well.

So now moving on from Camden our next stop was leicester square and we went to have some purikura taken, also shailey needed a new membership card because she had lost her other one. This one is my fav out of the bunch.

Then off we went to get food, and went to the Japanese restraunt Suki. I decided to be adventurous and get something that I have never had before which was crispy duck salad, it was so tasty! and I got a lot of duck in the Salad as well which I wasn't expecting.

After dinner we did a bit more shopping around and down stairs from purikura a new store had opened up which sold a good amount of different face masks, so I decided to check it out, and they did single ones [so you could mix and match] I decided to buy 3 differents kinds and see how I would like them, and then if I did I could always go back and buy the big boxes of them that they had for sale.

The Masks I bought.

I'm not the only one who gets a bit excited when they buy new skin care products,make up & contacts that they can't wait and just want to try all of it on the spot! well yea thats me anyways -.-

I also ended up buying some new contact lenses, which I can't wait to wear out! I was just browsing and wanted a bright blue, I ended up coming across some but they do look huge o.0 which is good don't get me wrong, and they look very pretty I just hope they look nice on my eyes, I will probably wear these on Wednesday when I go to Cambridge:D!

I also bought a new contact lense case [needed one for when I go to America] I did have one for airplanes but the mirror broke and so did the tweezers that came with it, So I got a new one and is now the home for my new lenses :D

[because I loved pink panther when I was younger....still do]

So this is all I got in London, I say this is all but it is actually kind of a lot o.0 I didn't stay out too late, got home around 8 because I am going a lot tomorrow.
Do exepct some more shopping blog posts soon though. Thank you for reading and shall see you in the next post.x.


  1. that tshirt with the 'tache on is so cute!!
    i really need to get another lense case... D:

    also HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE!!!!! hope you have a great birthday!!

    1. aha I though it was, it made me laugh and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it ><
      and yea I was in desperate need of a new case, especially for the long plane travels

      Thank you very much as well, praying the weather will be nice ^^

  2. You're super adorable :)
    Happy Birthday in advance~~

    1. ah thank you, though I think you are more adorable x
      & thank you very much :]

  3. :O is this the top you were telling me about?? its sooo cute!! kinda sad i couldn't go with you guys but i will deffo make sure i do next time ^-^ x

    1. ahahah yes it is, I thought it was cute, and its k, we will go shopping one day soon :] x