Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My birthday week! & Super Junior

Ok so I had a lot of fun last week, I did lots of things, and saw a lot of people ~ which is a good thing because the past 2 weeks before that I hadn't seen anyone due to the fact that I had been at work every single day. Though I do feel like the week went very quickly, but thats what happens when you are having fun, right?
There are many things I want to type about so I will start with Tuesday, I went to see my grandad in the morning and had a good ol chat with him, but he started to feel sleepy and I could see him dozing off so I made my way to London to meet up with my friend Damon, and just basicly wonder round London and chill out. It was very humid, and although it did rain at one point during the day it was still so warm but nice. Our first destination was of course Hagen Daaz restraunt, because Damon had never been before, and he likes ice cream so it was perfect.

So I know this doesn't look like a lot but it is SUPER filling, I am also amazed eveytime I go in there they never write down your order, they remember it perfectly, and this is with all of there customers, I could never do that for I have a memory like a fish -.-
So after this we had a look at a few shops, sometimes I just like walking around, its so relaxing.
We decided to into the M&M store in leiscter square.

Look at all the M&M's, although they look tasty we didn't buy any because I do think it is stupidly over priced in there, but its nice to look at some of the things that they havein there.
Damon also got me a birthday present, which is a book to help with memory, basicly different ways to help you remember things, I found this hilarious because like I said my memory is TERRIBLE, though it runs in my family.

It is such a cute little book and has cute drawings in it as well.

I had a fun day Tuesday, but I did have to go home early-ish because the next day was my birthday, and there was a lot planned. So come Wednesday morning and I woke up to cards, and my mum telling me to get ready, though it was kind of rushed because I got up late, and for some reason was so slow getting ready.

'Thank you for being the most fantastic,caring and wonderful daughter,
All our love Mum and Dad'

Aww my parents are the nicest! started to get a little teary eyed bless them>< they are too nice to me!

 Me, my mum and my mums friend Kirsty where going shopping in Cambridge, basicly the plan was to go to cambridge and if I saw anything that I liked then my mum would buy it for me, but to honest I only wanted a few things, one of which was a new bikini, because I didn't really have one and I am going to america in 13 days, when I am over there we go to waterparks and it is really hot, so we found one, I fell in love which it as soon as I saw it!

Ok so I am going to be honest here, I don't remember a time where I have worn a bikini, but I decided to be brave and get one and wear it when I go to America!
I also found a cardigan that I really liked, because I lost my favrioute one at a Cinema T_T well basicly I took it off when I went to see the avengers and only realised when I got home that I had left it there, by the time I had noticed it was too late :'( BUT! I found one to replace it, it is very big even though it is a small but oh so comfy.

These are the only items I got to honest, because these are the only ones that caught my interest, plus I am going shopping when I go away, there just wasn't many things there that I wanted to buy. Well after our small shop around cambridge my mum had suprised me with afternoon tea at this lovely hotel, they had a lot on the menu, but I wasn't really hungry so I just orderd a pot of tea and some scones, which came with cream and jam.

I thought it was so cute when it came out on to our table! it was so yummy as well, but again very filling, I wasn't even able to use all of the jam and cream!
We sat and had a girly chat for a few hours and I loved it. So now lets forward to dinner time, me and my family went to an Italian restraunt, so I went home and got ready as I didn't really put on a lot of make up when I went shopping during the day, I also tried out my new contacts that I got on Monday, I really like how they look and they are comfy to wear.

So before we lefty brother gave me a card with a big bar of chocolate, I thought it was the sweetest thing, because my brother is so much like our dad, as in they are both can't really say how they feel, like saying I love you, they are very manly men, so I smiled a lot when I opened the card and saw this.

Funny how little things can make me smile, but if you knew my dad and brother you would understand.

It was so nice to have a meal with all of my family! I can't remember the last time we did such a thing, because we have all been so tied up with work and such, I can't describe how happy I was.To top it off the food at the restraunt was lovely, I was kind of worried because we had never been there before, but it was beautiful. I had fish with potatoes & salad, it was so tasty, I would definatly have it again!

Was very tasty.

On the Thursday I met up with emi and we drove down to bournmouth to stay and see some of our friends, we didn't leave til Sunday. I had such a good time! though didn't take any pictures, this is because we spent most of our time catching up, playing games, sleeping and eating junk food [only for a few days so its alowed] like I said though it went way too quickly.Emi also got me this really cute bracelet for my birthday.

I think its so nice, and I love wearing it.
It was a great birthday, and the messages I got on facebook made me smile [though that may sound silly] I am so lucky to have a lovely family and amazing friends who make me smile.
Now only 13 days until I fly to the U.S.A with my brother, though we have to leave the house at 3am, I think I am going to cry T_T
So I shall leave you with Super Junior's new MV, which I love, the song puts me in such a good mood.

Thank you for reading