Friday, 31 August 2012

travel to newcastle + new lashes, hair help?

I am so sorry for the really late post, A lot has happened recently and its been kind of hectic, but life is all back on track now ^^

Warning picture heavy!

Ok so on Thursday the 5th I went to visit Emilia! It was so nice to see her, although I was ill T_T nothing really bad just had a bit of a bad throat. Me and Emilia had come to the conclusion that I sounded like a hippie....which I still do now -.-.
So to start off this trip I had to get up kind of early because my train was early [cheaper train tickets and all] I only had to get 2 trains though and its not long. On my way there I had 4 cups of tea to help my throat >< with lots of sugar of course.

Tea, I have so much love for you.

I went with Emilia and her lil family to this all you can eat chinese/japanese restaurant, it was so yummy! Though really most of the time I was there I was trying to get over the fact how much Lilianna  had grown! she's growing up so quickly>< she will be as tall as me soon D: Lilianna was also enjoying her share of the food, but mainly at the deserts and grapes aha, she is the cutest little girl.
Well after our meal we went and had a browse around newcastle, though to be honest whenever I do go to newcastle I never really find anything that I want to buy, but I guess thats a good thing right? Its not that newcastle has no shops, its just that I never seem to really find anything when I am there. However I did buy pineapple bread from a chinese bakery, its so nice, me and emilia always go there when I am up for a visit ><. We went and sat in coffee shops and had nice little chats, and talked whilst walking around as well, I swear we can talk all day about anything and everything.
Of course we took photos as well, because last time I came up to visit we didn't get a chance, so this time we made sure we took lots of photos >:D even though I decided not to wear a lot of make up because I wasn't feeling that good, I still liked the photos.

I stole this one from Emilia because I love the lil heart, though she said she did this to cover a man behind us who was pulling an odd face aha.
I was so glad that the weather turned out nice. I was worried at first because when I was on the train [which is about 3hours] it was raining, really badly, but as we got closer to Newcastle the weather was getting nicer and nicer. I had such a wonderful time, the day went by so quickly, which was a shame, it seemed to have gone in  blink of eye :( but I had to go because the next day I was going to London.

I got new lashes from diamond lash and decided to give them a go ^^, so heres some photos and what not

The new lashes I got

and here is me without lashes and not that much make up ><

then added top lashes

then bottom ones [with a lil more make up><]

I am sooo happy I got these lashes ^^ today was really the first time in a while that I have put lashes on and everything, so it was nice and fun to do.

oh, I also just got back from America, and bought yummy things back with me >:D

ok, so I should point out that not all of this is for me, some is for friends and shared with my little brother ><

Also I need help with my hair again, I don't think I will dye it dark red again, though I love the colour it is a pain to keep, it also desperately needs cutting, though I am a lil stumped with what to do with it at the moment, I was thinking  of doing the 2 toned thing but with natural colours, like light brown on top and a darker brown underneath or the other way round, bah I just have such a hard time deciding -.-

Well thats it for now, I will be posting more frequently from now on, til next time x