Tuesday, 9 October 2012

away Iv been, Inspiration and going to Japan!

Sooo I am sorry for the very very late post. I have been working my bum off!! this is my first day off in weeks!>< A lot has happened, for example, we might be moving house, and this is so random! I just came home from work one day and my brother says 'we might be moving'. We wont be moving far, same town, basicly what had happened was, my mum was looking through the newspaper and saw a house she really liked, so her and my dad went to view it and decided they wanted it, BUT this is only if we can sell our house. I don't know it seems to all be happening pretty fast to be honest.

So yea the reason for me working my bum off is because I am going to Japan next year in april, I am taking a month off work but will probably go for 2 weeks or so. My dad was there for 3 months this year, so he feels pretty happy with me going as he knows a translator in Japan who he is good friends with. I am doing my best to save up, as I know its going to be expensive ><!

With all this work I have been doing I havn't really had time to put much make up on or dress up.....or just have a social life in general so it seems. However with all that being said I have been going on Aina tanaka's blog, as she is my favrioute egg model. 
I love her fashion sense, and the different ways shes done her eye make up over the years.
So I thought I would post some pictures of her.

Bahh she is so pretty! I think the reason why she is my favrioute gyaru model is because she is the first one I came across? if that makes sense. Ok so basically going back a few years, I was on youtube, looked up gyaru models and one of the first ones I went on was Aina tanaka, and ever since I have just loved her photos, style and make up. I guess you could say she opened my eyes into the gyaru world and what I love about it. The fashion,hair,make up and just expanding my mind to this style which I new next to nothing about and being more creative with clothes and accessories.

The reason why I have done a blog post about this by the way is because someone a while ago asked me who my favrioute gyaru model is, and well....heres my answer.
Of course I think all the models are adorable and look amazing, but I think everyone has their own favrioute at hand.

Moving on....

Like I said I have been busy, HOWEVER you are never busy enough to go shopping.....well I didn't do that much, just a little after work when i have had an early shift or something.

Ok so I LOVE big cardigans, and as the weather has all of the sudden gotten EXTREMELY friggen cold! I decided to buy one, they did also have this cardigan in cream, however I already have a cream cardigan so I got this reddish/purple one as I really like this colour as well.

 Oh these leggins where only £5!! I couldn't go wrong, they where in the sale and was so happy when I found them in my size ><! I loved the pattern on them so much! I couldn't turn them down.

 I have wanted a top like this for a while now and think it would look with a tanned belt that I have, was also in the sale at £5 hurray ^^ my lucky day.

So I am going to end this blog with saying that I have been living off of these because of the cold weather and the amount of work iv been taking on at the moment, they are the best at these times <3

till next time x