Saturday, 19 January 2013

New gets, being ill and other Randoms

so hey guys, its been a little while since my last post.
Sorry about all that, just been so busy with things, and lots has happened, it is my new years resolution to blog a lot more that what I did last year.
I thought I would start with a few things that I have bought [got these in septemberi-sh time though ]

what they came like

When you put them on they look like the picture {duh!}
I do really like these, HOWEVER I feel that when I do wear them I need to wear a long top or something >< 

Honestly, even though I have had this for a few months, I havnt had a chance to wear it yet T_T this is because it has been wayyyy too cold [especially as it has been -1 recently o.0] I think once spring hits though I will be wearing it a lot, the material feels so nice!

I have worn these shorts a good few times so far, but again because of the weather I havn't been able to wear them that much, I do wear tights underneath them, however tights is not enough to keep your legs warm in weather like this T_T not on their own anyways.
This is my first time buying shorts like these, and I have always contemplated on it, I was scared they wouldn't look right on me, but after wearing them a few times I do like them and the way they look ^^ so I am very happy.

So yes these are the few things I got......well I say 'I got' it was actually my best friend, I was paying for the hotel on my card for mcm expo, and instead of her giving me the money back she bought me these [came up to the same amount] plus, because of my order the delivery was free :D! good times!

I also got these eyelashes, they where £15 for 10 pairs, I am not buying anymore now though until I go to Japan, hopefully I will survive.

The packaging is also really, they are all hand made as well, still not 100% sure on them though.

I also bought a hat from River Island, I paid £11  [or £13 I can't remember because I have a memory like a fish] Some people may think thats a lot of money for a hat, but I wear it all the time now and its so comfy and well made, so it was money well spent in my opinion.

The day I went out to London with my best friend ^^

At the end of November I went to a mini expo in Birmingham, it was my first time there, and I went with my friend Alex ^^ 
I dressed up, because.....well I like dressing up, its fun ^^ and there where some amazing costumes there as well, so here are some pictures from that weekend.

Collecting for Charity <3

Wizard of Oz!

My friend Alex went as slender Man [left hand side] and scared all the children there ahah 

The lady on the left, I loved her dress, and she said it was only £10!D: I wish I asked her where she got it from T_T

so yea thats it, I have been really ill recently, straight after Christmas I got a sinus infection, I had no idea until I went to the doctors, I couldn't get out of bed, was tired all the time, head hurting just everything seemed to be wrong with my body, the doctor took 2 minutes to look at me and knew exactly what it was, so I was given tablets and I am all better now, but it was my 3rd time getting ill in such a short period of time -.-

HOPEFULLY no more getting ill anytime soon, and I will be posting about more things in the near future.

Happy be-lated new year!