Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Things I have bought In Japan [Part 1]

Ok so I got back from Japan Monday night and it is now Wednesday [Very early morning, and when I mean early, I mean its like 4.45am] DAMN YOU JET LAG! So with that being said I thought I would do a blog post on things I have bought from Japan, now you are probably wondering why I am doing this in 2 parts? It's simple really......I bought A LOT of stuff, probably too much? bah I think I just got a bit excited happy and was dancing round the place, there where so many things I wanted to get. So this part is going to be accessories, make up, beauty products and so on. Then part 2 will be clothes. 

Well lets start off with underwear, wait what?! Underwear? 
yes Ok so I never thought in a million years that I would find something in my size.....buttt I did! now the great thing is that they come in sets, so when you guy a bra you the matching pants with it as a set, its all included in the price! However if you are in england you have to buy it seperatly, which to be honest is kind of annoying and makes it more expensive. Well I got a bit happy about this and bought 3 sets, they are so pretty!
One thing I will say, if you want to buy underwear out there, get yourself measured first, their bra sizes are different out there to what it would be in your own country. Example I am a 30-32 FF in england, but in Japan I am 65-70 F.

How freakin pretty are they! Well I thought so buttt lets continue on to other things.

Above necklace and choker are from Glavil

above necklace is from D.I.A
I never thought I would buy anything from D.I.A but I saw a lot of things in their that liked >< I took a look in there because I was curious, you might as well take a look at everything right? I saw this and fell in love with it.

Above bracelet is also from Glavil, I swear this shop I bought so much stuff from them, I fell in love with everything there, but would you believe that this is the only bracelet I bought the entire holiday which is weird for me because I usually buy a million bracelets -.-

So guess where the above bag is from? that's right Glavil -.- ok basically I had a bit of a problem, when me and emi where walking around Shibuya my bag broke, I brought 2, a floral one my mum had gotten me for Christmas  and a dark coloured one with studs that I have had for years, so yea the strap broke and couldn't be fixed, so me and emi where walking around and saw this bag BAM fell in love with it, and it comes with handcuffs ><! I am sold, so there we go, crisis adverted. I added some plushies onto it as well, ones that I had won in akiba.

Anddd heres my D.I.A belt, yea I never would of thought I would of bought one of these.....but I did, to be honest, I thought all of their belts where black and gold.....never have I been so wrong -.- so I saw this and fell in love with it.

Some more belts that I got, the top belt is from my best friend, I love these, though for the life of me I can't remember what shops they are from. The bottom one is from a small shop in shibuya 109, they doo necklaces, hair clips, ear rings and just a small selection of belts.

Of course I bought shoes/boots while I was out there. I bought this pair and I love them so much, and wore them a lot on holiday, they go with a lot of my clothes ><

My hat! so ok I have a cream coloured hat, but I didn't have a black one, so me and emi made it our mission to find one, I saw this and thought it was adorable, best hat ever.
so here have a picture of me and my hat >:D
Buttt excuse the mess of my hair -.-

Yup I stocked up on eyelashes, as well as glue, I also bought some dolly wink eyelash glue, I had never tryed it until I went to Japan, and I love it!

Again I stocked up on face masks, and under eye....things....to help with bags under your eyes. I got most of this in Korea town though, which is pretty cool. They have a lot of bb creams and things, so many different eye masks to choose from! Its that and k-pop merchandise really, still a pretty fun place to visit :] I also bought some bb cream while I was out there.

Ok so I was looking for this bb cream in particular, My best friend took some samples of bb cream with her on the plane, so you know when we got off the place at tokyo we didn't look like we had no sleep at all or anything. She put it on and I was like oh my gosh it looks so nice![we are as pale as each other] so when we went to korea town she pointed it out to me and there was me....yea Im buying that, though they have different shades, I got the lightest one.

Ok so I bought some magazines for the plane home, HOWEVER I ended up looking through them at the hotel and stealing my best friends manga on the way back instead -.-

well that is all for now, I have so many posts to do about Japan its silly ><
Until next time x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

I am In Japan, Mini update

So hey, I know I haven't really done a blog post in a while, and I have so much to post about as well. I have been super busy as well.

Lets start off with HEY IM IN JAPAN, if you couldn't tell by the title, I was going to do a post leading up to it, and I even saved a post and was going to Finnish  but then I became an auntie and I have a lot of art work to do as well, then before you knew it I was on my way to Japan. Yea basically it was like I woke up one day and BAM everything just kicked in.

But do not FRET! I have PLENTY to post about, like Oh my god because I am a typical girl I have done a lot of shopping, bought so many clothes and eyelashes, make up and just stuff in general, thought I might as well stock up while I can right?

On completely different news as I suggested earlier yes I am now an auntie, I haven't met her yet, but my older sister decided to call her.....London, yes my nieces name is London Elizabeth Ewing....Im not sure how I feel about this to be honest, so I am called her Eli. NOW my sister was going to fly over to England |she lives in the the USA| the week I was going to leave, however some things came up and my sister couldn't make it so shes coming over when I come back.

Many things have gone on, but I just have so much to blog about when I get back, I show you guys everything I bought, which to be honest is so much that I might even have to do it in 2 different posts >< and there was me being stupid and being all like, yea I'm not going to buy that much.......LIES! NEVER GO TO TOKYO AND THINK THAT!

Yea I shall see you all when I get back ^^ lots of love x