Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Things I have bought in Japan [part 2]

As I said before here is part 2! But let me start off by saying that I first thought I didn't buy that many clothes.....yea that is what I thought to myself until I started getting out all of the clothes I did get while I was out there and realized  how the hell did I get all of this in my suitcase?! [just a warning when you do go to Japan and if you do like buying clothes, just pack half a suitcase or less just so you are not struggling when you are packing to come I did....a bit] ANYWAYS on to things that I have bought round 2.

Ok so I do like Ank Rouge clothes, however I didn't think I would really find anything that would suit me >< but I did find a couple of things:D! 

Funny story about this dress, I bought it and they had it in different colours, but me and my bestfriend both agreed that the black and grey dress looked the best. I did try it on its own HOWEVER it looked a bit silly without a belt [luckly I have two black tight fitted belts that go with this dress] and honestly it looks a lot better with one of those belts than the dress on its own. It is really comfy to wear though and on the casual side I think.

close up

I also fell in love with this set, and it was in sale. So the original price of this was over 8,000 yen! and though I do like the top I don't think I would be willing to pay that much for it [even though it comes with a pair of shorts underneath] but it was in the sale for just over 3,000 yen, which I thought was a bit better. I did try it on first though even though I hate trying on clothes [I had to do this a lot because its not like I can just fly back to Japan and return it if I change my mind] plus my best friend was there to give me her honest opinion on it which helped me make up my mind on things.

So this is the MA*RS dress that I bought, first picture is the front, the second the back of the dress. This is more of a going out dress, again I had to try it on, and again my best friend said it looks nice, they did have a really nice bra that went with this dress, however they didn't have my size ;_; oh well! its still nice, and I am in love with the bow at the back!

This is my costume for London MCM expo in may! I got it from Bodyline in Harajuku, we found this place thanks to our friend KK. This dress came up to 1999 yen! which I thought was a really good price, especially as it comes with a headband and cuffs [pictured billow] though I don't think I will ever wear the cuffs with it, il keep them in case I change my mind!

Though I am not one for wearing head bands I do think its adorable and will go with the dress really well ^^

This is a set I bought from a shop in harajuku, though for the life of me I can't remember what the shop is called D:! it is a 2 piece, so I can mix and match with my other clothes, it was 1900 yen, which I was pretty happy with.

close up of the pattern on the skirt.

ok so the two tops above are from glad news, it was two tops for 5000 yen, or 4880 for just one, so I thought why not just buy two? makes sense right? ><

Again the above two items I bought from a random shop in harajuku which for the life of me I can't remember the name of D: though they had a lot of nice things in there, but the shop was very small and kind of cramped, it was so hot in there especially trying on clothes><!

ohh this top I bought from gavil, it is one of my favorite tops now>< its so long as well, id wear a pair of shorts underneath though just in case >< and below is a picture of me wearing the top.

please excuse the state of our room -.-

Another top from gavil which I love! I really like the back of it as well, I think what I like the most about these tops if the fact they are so comfy to wear.

oh this is also from glad news, they also had this in blue but I was a bit like >>>>    D: then she showed me this colour and thought it was a lot better.

I thought I would show you some of the things we got in akiba in the arcades over there, I swear I could spend forever in there though, they are a lot of fun, and I have attached some to my bag.

Ok so I got the charmander and kirby, butt dom got the meta knight, which is handy because I keep all my pennies in it.

And dom also won these strange cat things...yea I have no idea but I think they are kind of cute, though the one on the right kind of reminds me of a cat version of slenderman.....

Oh and I bought back some of the bags that some of my clothes came in, because I thought they where pretty and could be usefull for putting things in and what not.
Yeaa as you can see most of my clothes are dark colours, what can I say? im attracted to these kind of clothes more, though I do really like pastel and pink clothes I don't think they suit me that much, but in the end I just like what I like ^^

So thats it for this post, I will be doing more posts about Japan, like where we went and so on.
Take care x