Friday, 30 August 2013

hngggggg one of those things, one of the days. UPDATES

You know when you have one of the days, where everything seems to be going wrong and any little thing will set you off, I have had a few of those recently where things just seem to be going a bit off.
I am lucky to have such amazing friends and family though to help me through these times. Even though I have had a few off days I always end up thinking that things could be a lot worse and that I am a really lucky and fortunate person, right now I am trying to help my little brother with some things, and helping him choose what college he wants to go to, I feel old ;__;

Ok so I would like to say sorry for not updating in a while, as mentioned things have gone on and its mainly work issues [work being silly] and I have 2 jobs and its a bit back and forth, boring and what not -..-
Last month I went to America with my little brother, I always go once a year in July/August time.
It was a great little holiday and really relaxing, though I did get ill for a few days but it wasn't too bad! I did get a 3DS for my birthday and some games to go with it :3! 

To be honest though while I was out there I didn't really buy many clothes, I bought some pretty cool cheap tops, but that's about it really. 
Nothing really happened in America, it was pretty chilled out, we ate some food, saw family and had a good time, we where out there for about 10 days in total.

Our stuff and my brother in the background, we went to Starbucks, sat down and watched vines til our plane arrived, we must of looked like idiots though because we where laughing really loudly -..- 

When I got back from America I realized I hadn't really seen that much of my friends because I have been so busy, and I have been feeling so bad about it. 

I have had a fair few shopping days in London with my friends though, and I will do a separate post about all the things I have bought recently.
When I went to London with Jack I decided to have my blue hair on, I straightened my wig, butttt I didn't really have a chance to cut the fringe [bangs] though it looks nice the way it is, it can get a little annoying walking around shopping, I kept moving it out of the way -..-

Annnnnnd pulling a silly face....well extreme duck face anyways.
When I went shopping in London there where those people dressed up as moving statues, I love watching them *__* Oho don't worry I tool loads of pictures of them but will upload a couple here, they looked so amazing.

ahahah the guy staring at the gold statue guy, I only just noticed when I uploaded the picture.

Yesterday I had a major girly day with Emi and Lizzie, it was so much fun! buuuuuut we didn't take a lot of pictures though, but here are some! including an outfit shot.

We went into forever 21 and we all bought something from their, mine where mostly accessories though.
We didn't really have time to do a whole lot, because me and emi where late, BASICALLY what happened was, I bought a train ticket from a man behind a booth, a travel card for London [which is also a return card to our town] so we are on the train, the ticket man checks it, no problem, I try and put my card to go through the gate but it doesn't work [that happens sometimes for not apparent reason] so ANOTHER man checks it and says its ok and lets me through, then I go to use it on the underground, my card doesn't let me through, the man checks it and says that the train ticket [travel card] has tomorrows date on it. You know what I dint even think to check the date on it because people who worked there checked it and a man gave me the ticket and all that stuff. Making the story short they issued me a new ticket [free of course because it wasnt really my fault ;__;] but it made 40 mins late to see Lizzie D:! I felt soo bad! its never happened before, sorry Lizzie>-<
That a side though it was a great day and I had a lot of fun, we went to pinkberry which is my new fav place, and the staff are so nice!

It was so yummy -..-
I missed girl shopping and it was such a fun day, just wish I had more time with the girls>< thank you girls for a lovely day^^

On a completely different note [again] I have started painting again as well, and this is a painting I am doing for my mum because she loves tigers.

This is how far I have gotten at the moment, painting it using water colours, I love painting but just recently haven't had a lot of time recently.

Anyways that's it for now ^^ next one will be things I have bought of the many shopping trips I have had><