Friday, 13 December 2013

Casual, Shopping in London & Winter Wonderland

Warning, LOADSSS of photos

So today's post is about Winter Wonderland in London.
So let me start by saying I have never been to the Winter Wonderland in London, this was my first time, I have friends who have been with their boyfriends or family and they said it was amazing and that they had a really good time, but still I wasn't really sure what to expect.
I can honestly say that I wasn't dissapointed! it was huge! there where so many rides, food/drink places and little shops.

Before we went to Winter Wonderland we went to straford shopping to do some christmas shopping, I only bought some macaroons and tights as I had done all of my christmas shopping, however Emily had a lot to do, bless her ><!

All the Macaroons! they had so many different kinds, I brought some home for my parents.

Also found a cute little gingerbread house and christmas cookies.

We also went into the disney store as Emily has a little brother and sisters, we did spend a while in there, Emily had a hard time picking out christmas presents, I guess its hard for little ones.

Disney store ^^

So after walking around a lot we decided to get some food, which was pinkberry because we love it lots!

Me inside Pinkberry, decided to wear casual clothes as we where doing a lot of walking and running around, didnt get a full outfit shot><!

After we had Pinkberry we went to Winter Wonderland, it was pretty easy to get to, you go to hyde park corner, and as soon as you come out of the station they have signs on to Winter Wonderland [because its such a big tourist attraction and so many people go]
So next is just going to be a mass amount of photos that I took while we where there, I was amazed at everything, and how pretty it was, and all the food!

You can get these custome made with different messages on them and decorations and patterns.

There candles where so coolm they had these cool 3D pictures in them and looked amazing, would love one, however I would have nowhere to put it:(

ferris Wheel^^ looked so pretty

More sweets, there where sooooooo many sweetie and chocolate places there.

Ok a couple of things about Winter Wonderland If you didn't know.

1. You do not have to pay to get in.

2. As you can imagine its pretty expensive in there, for drink and food, although it does look and smell amazing, they had one stall which did chocolate covered strawberrys and marshmellows which was £4 for one stick! I didn't see how much the alcholic drinks where though. Also the sweet stands and chocolate stands are pretty expensive as well.

3. For the rides you have to buy tokens, there are token stalls all around the place, however to use the ice skating rink that was there you have to book in advance, you can't just turn up on the day and go ice skating, but to be honest when me and Emily walked past it I can see why they use that system because it looked super busy there.

4. I do not recommend going on a weekend [try if possible] to go on a weekday, me and Emily went on a Thursday and even though it wa still busy it was no where near as bad as what it was like on the weekends, apparently you can barley move.

So yea I had a great time there, we finnished the day with having korean bbq food, which was just.....great.

thoughhhh they put a lot of salad cream on my salad, but it was still good! we also had kimchi jon which is pancakes but with kimchi in it, was soo good, buttttt I gobbled it all down before I could take a picture >..<'

Sorry I went a bit camera happy, I actually have a lot more photos on my phone buttttt I thought it would be a bit too much, I just found everything so pretty!
til next post - x


  1. All the sweets, oh my gosh! The macarons look especially delicious~ You look very cute! The winter wonderland looks like quite an amazing thing to behold *o*

    1. aha they do they do! I was tempted to buy some for my family ><! i might do just that though later on, and the macaroons are really nice, thats the best macaroon place for me ^^ and I really recomend going, especially at night, its so pretty to look at with all the lights! I think I took too many photos on my phone -..-