Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas, birthdays, baking and being ill

So its getting close to Christmas, which is great!....but at the same time bad, its the worst time of the year at work for me as the amount of shop lifters increase dramatically and just in general the amount of busyness is CRAZY. I have also been asked to do a lot more hours because it has been chaotic. 
So now im just looking forward to spending Christmas day with my family as we just stay at home and chill, and I don't really see my family a lot (because my parents are forever going away and we are all busy bunnies, plus I work weird hours so when I come home my parents are asleep) so I am really looking forward to it.
So onward!

I went to see my friend Emilia the other week as I haven't seen her in a while, and I got a train to Newcastle, I would drive but its very far away and traffic is a nightmare in Newcastle!

Arriving into Newcastle

Lili playing with a Toy I had bought her for Christmas, shes grown so much! and her hair is so long! 

Me and Emilia didn't really do much, Newcastle was so busy! you could hardly move! So we went back to hers, I baked us some Oreo brownies and we ate them all>< and watched Inuyasha, this clip made us laugh to no end.

Below was my outfit for on the way there and my make up. I am wearing a Skirt & Seifuku set from http://pixiebunny.com
The Jumper is just a random men's one which I bought because it was so comfy, I have a thing for big baggy snugly jumpers!

 I also bought myself some mini Christmas presents from pixiebunny, what can I say, I am a sucker for cute things
It was my dads birthday on the 5th of December and my brothers birthday on the 6th of December, I didn't take any pictures as I was ill, and by ill I mean I was stuck in bed blowing my nose reading books, and that's all I did, thats another reason why December is a bad month for me I always seem to get ill around about that time. I was fine one day, and then the next thing you know I get hit in the face with a cold. 
I did however take a picture of all the chocolate I had bought my dad, I did get my brother some but not as much, I also got them other presents, but I thought that this was an impressive chocolate collection.

I have also been baking a lot recently. Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake and I have doing a lot of brownies, but not just ordinary brownies but ones filled with oreos, milkyway and other chocolates and sweets. Don't worry I have taken pictures of some of my creations.

I am making some cakes for Christmas and at the moment practicing on decoration and making sugar flowers, so when that time comes round I will take plenty of pictures. This is all for now, Im going to continue sorting out my room as I am having a big clear out, and getting rid of things I don't need/use anymore, hopefully will create a lot more space in my room as its very cluttered!So I will end this post with a cute picture of my dog in my room.

oh yea also have Tumblr http://charlihoney.tumblr.com/


  1. Aaah I would love to be able to talk to Emilia properly! The only times I've seen her was at expo :P
    That set looks so adorable on you!

    1. shes lovely and so is her little girl! when we where together we talked about how long we have been friends and our first expo and stuff, was making me feel old >< aha!
      and thank you, I love the sets so much I really wanted one but was really worried it wouldnt look good on me, then I thought well screw it Im guna get one anyways and did ><

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