Sunday, 1 December 2013

Random Yummy things

So I know i havn't posted in a while, work has been so busy! but I have lots to blog about and promise to blog a lot more! 
But here today Im going to dump some random photos that I have taken on my days out with my friends!

Ok so the first set of photos below is when I went shopping with lizzie! we had a pretty chilled out day and was relaxing, we had yummy food and I took pictures of all the yummy foods that we walked by. London Stratford shopping centre seems to have loadsssss of food places inside.

And we also went to pink berry because I love it so much! they have different flavours of frozen yogurt and different topping/sauces that you can choose to put on top. You can choose to have small/medium/large. I only get small though because it fills me up, the medium/large's look huge! Though I am going to attempt one at some point!

In stratford shopping centre there are lots of cake shops, as you can probably tell by the pictures, I have gotten one of these cupcakes before and they where really nice, next time I shall get the name of the place and tell you all about it !

These where my gets for the day, I needed to stock up from lush and I got a few little bits and bobs, the jumper I got below was only £13! and is really fluffy and cosy, perfect for this time of year, because although it appears to look sunny outside, its freezing cold.

So thats it for my random and short update, I will promise my future post's will be better and more information and better pictures, I think I was just like OH MY GOD ALL THE CUTE CAKES more than anything.
Take care x


  1. Aaah I love that sweater so much! I've actually been eyeing it up recently because it's just so adorable… I'm so tempted *_*

    1. it is really comfy! you so should ;3 its just so cosy and makes you wanna snuggle down