Monday, 3 November 2014

Japan trip, Sanrio land!

So here are some more pictures and tales of my trip to Japan when we went to Sanrio Land and Disney Land (not on the same day though, that would be toooooo much)
So Sanrio Land is inside a big building, there is no outside what so ever, when you arrive at the entrance it looks like a grand hall/Palace.

Heres the entrance of the Building.

Here are our tickets and the entrance when you go inside the building.

Ok so you go in and everything just looks adorable, I mean the outside of the building looks like some wonderful magical fairy tale-like place, so I was really excited to see the inside!
You then have to go down some escalators which take you in the the main bit of sanrio land, and as it happened as soon as we went down there was a performance happening, however it was coming to the end of it, but at least we got to see some of it, I did take some pictures of the performance, however I did also take videos of it as well, but is on my other camera, hopefully I can upload it to you tube as soon as I get it sorted out. 

It was so cute, and cheery! It was amazing that it was the first thing that we saw when we arrived down there.
So after the performance the hall had cleared we started to have a wonder around.

Look at how clear and beautiful it is!!
There is one ride there that we went on, there was a small line for it, but its basically a boat ride around, with a lot of the cute characters and things, I filmed the whole ride which hopefully I will be able to put up soon, but I didn't take any pictures while we where going around on the ride, sorry! but believe me when I say it was so adorable!

There is also a hello kitty bell that you can ring which is up in the tree.

So after we had a look round there is Lady Hello kitty's house which you can walk around.

So once you have finished the tour of Lady Kitty's house you can then have a picture with lady Kitty herself, and can choose to buy the picture at the end (you cant take a photo on your phone though)
We chose not to buy the picture however.

Once you are out of the 'House' you are then welcomed in the gift shop, which is huge, as you can imagine I took a million photos of that as well, as it was just so sparkly and adorable.

get ready for another tirade of photos.

isn't it the cutest?! I didn't actually buy anything for myself when I was there though, but I have a lot of fun looking around and looking at all the different things, I just loved the shop in general! so pretty!

Ok I had a great day! but would I ever go again? eh probably not, If Im completely honest although me and my friends had a fun time its kind of boring there, its more of a family place for parents who have young children, also there where a few couples there as well. The shop was busy as lots of people where buying things and it was interesting to look around, but it was just kind of eh, theres not really a lot to do there. I mean if you have never been there before then yes check it out for yourself, but I dont think I personally would visit it again, especially as the tickets are around 3000 (or 6000) yen per person, plus tax on top of that.
But with that being said me and my friends had a fun day ^^
Next blog post will be about Disney land!
Hope you all had a fun Halloween >:3!!
Until next time ~

Monday, 20 October 2014

Japan, Tokyo part 1

So the next few blog posts are going to be about my trip to Japan, I was out there for just under 4 weeks and had such an amazing time! I did take my other camera with me which has a lot of videos on so hopefully one day soon I can make a video with all the things I filmed while I was over there.

So the first 2 days we where there we mainly went to Shibuya, just because we where so excited, and none of us had been clothes shopping for a long time, let alone had girly time because of work and everything, So we took full advantage of this holiday.

As you can guess we went to 109, We browsed around first as we where going up each floor, we then realized we where pretty hungry so we decided to get a little something in 109. There are 2 cafes near the top of the 109 building, me and Emily went there a few times last year and really liked the food in there so we decided that was a good place to stop and get our energy back! we just got cake and an ice cafe au late.

I had the banana and chocolate cake which was gorgeous, it also had gold flakes on it as well. This place also has other food besides just cake, and also do an english menu but the waiters and waitresses don't really speak english, they are really nice though :)

We browsed around a lot of the shops, though on the first day the only thing I bought was this d.i.a dress/top that was in the sale at 4000 yen! I was really worried that they would run out or wouldn't be there the next day so I got it there and then! Heres a picture of the top and me wearing it ^^

By the time we had browsed and bought a couple of bits it was dark outside, so we wondered around shibuya for a bit. While we where there we also went to Akihabara a lot, so here are some different pictures I have taken at night [some in shibuya, Akihabara, shinjuku and harajuku]

Ok so I have A LOT more photos on my other camera, however for some reason its not working at the moment, but hopefully I can get it working soon and upload more photos, Im going to spread my trip out on to separate blog posts because we did a lot and I have so many pictures to show you all as well as things I bought while I was out there that I just think it would be too much for one post.
So I will do another post next week, we went to disney land and sanrio land, not to mention there was a games expo and just so much stuff happened!
So until next week ~

Friday, 29 August 2014

going to Japan!make up & wigs

It has been a while since my last post but I have been really busy with work, this is because I am going to Japan, not only that but originally I was going to go for 10 days, but now I will be over there for 25 days! which was all a bit last minute, but I have been working my bum off so that I have an amazing trip!
so I bought a new wig a few weeks ago as well which was £10! and free shipping as well! here it what it looks like....

I really like it and it has lilac and baby pink in it! I need to cut the fringe(bangs) though I think to make it look a bit neater.
As you can also see in the picture above I tried out thicker eye make up, and I am not sure how I feel about it, I mean I love thick eye make up like this! however on myself I am not too sure about it....
This picture below is me but the make up is toned down a bit.

below my wig so you can see how long it is and on the left an outfit shot, because I haven't posted on here for a while><


So as I said from the start im going to japan! im going for 25 days though so I will be there for a while, I will make sure to do blog posts about my trip and videos.
So thats it for now, only 2 days until I leave! until then x

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Harry Potter studio In London Part 2

Ok so now for the second part of my day trip to the harry potter studios, again there are a lot of pictures, but I would of taken a lot more if it wasnt for the fact that my phone did indeed die on me.
So after you have watched a little movie introducing you to the harry potter studios, the screen lifts up and you are in front of the grand hall entrance, then when the doors open up you are in the grand hall. Now I will say it looks a lot smaller than what it is portrayed in the movie, but they do have the costumes in there and the tables set up on the sides, and some bits they have blocked off, plus at the same time there are lots of people walking around.

yes these are the actual costumes that the actors/actresses wore in the movies! pretty amazing right? They had everything! even the wigs!

So this was the 'food' for the dance, but it wasn't real at all, they just made it out of certain materials to look like food, again these where actually used in the movie, but my gosh they do look amazing! even if it was real chocolate I don't think I could eat it because it looks so pretty.

Ok so this is the gryffindor boys rooms, and honestly I can't believe how small this set is! its amazing they got a camera crew in there! they did say and go on at how over crowded it was, but you wouldn't think it when watching the movies. The beds are also tiny!

This is the gryffindor lounge, again with more costumes that Harry, Ron and Hermoine wore in the different movies.

You can see all the different props and sets, there's so much stuff its crazy! you don't know where to look because you want to look everywhere at once, I was truly overwhelmed.

There is also a bit outside, where you can buy food, drinks and yes BUTTERBEER! which I was too scared to try I am not going to lie, however this was my sisters, though she liked the taste of she said it was very sweet and she couldn't Finnish it. They also had the houses, car's and the knight bus from the movies.

They also had Harry's owl outside, and you can go up and have a picture with him, he was so cute! but sadly I didn't get a picture.

You then go back inside and in this bit you see how they made/created all the animals/creatures in the movies, as well as the masks and fake bodies that they had in there, but unfortunately this is where my phone died and I wasn't able to take anymore photos.
But believe me I didn't take anywhere near enough! But I shall leave the rest for you when/if you want to visit, this is just a mere teaser as to whats in store when you go there, plus I don't think my pictures do it justice, its just so incredible! and makes you appreciate the movies so much more.

well then until my next post ^^