Friday, 31 January 2014

liz lisa lucky bag, relaxing, brownies and disney movies

 So hello all, I have been very busy these past couple of weeks, I started going to the gym again and helping my little brother with his driving.
However even though I have started going to the gym I made creme egg brownies for work, they went down so quickly! I had a test taste of one of them, and they are very sickly [in a good way] although cutting the creme eggs in half was a bit of a messy job.
My friend sent me the receipe for these last year, so whenever creme eggs come out I make them for people.

I also received my liz lisa lucky bag! I got this from gyaru sales facebook page, when I received this package the first thing I noticed was this cute little drawing! I thought it was so sweet.

When I first opened the package and when I took the bag out, the bag is so pretty and very spacious!

 This is what was inside my bag, a top, bottoms and a one piece. They are pretty casual clothes but I love them! especially the top. I don't have items like these in my wardrobe so it makes a nice little change. It was also a bit like opening Christmas presents because I knew I was getting something I just didn't know what, it was a nice little surprise.

close up of my one piece.

I have been doing a lot of work recently so I decided to relax and use some bath bombs that Id gotten a long time ago [thought I should really use them] it was really nice just to lye in the bath for ages, and there where all these pretty petals, it made me feel really relaxed [I was having a lazy day and the weather was so horrible outside!]

I also had a 2 hour massage at this place I got to regularly, they where doing a special deal for new years so I decided to go for it, it was so nice, I nearly fell asleep during the massage [apparently a few people have actually fallen asleep when getting this done]

As I said I have been helping my brother with his driving, he has passed his theory test and the next stage is to take his actual driving test, so hes trying to get in as much practice as possible, he is also trying to go to the gym more, so he now drives us there and I help him out [mainly just telling him what he might encounter on the test] though he is doing really well, and have a feeling he will pass soon, makes me feel old D:!

brother making protein shake.....argh><!! protein shake doesn't look yummy D:!

 Me before going to the gym, I try not to wear make up when I go because it makes me feel a bit icky for some reason><

Have you seen the movie brave? I hadn't seen until a few months ago, and I loved it! I bought these 3 bears [from the movie] in the disney store as they where on special. I love these brother bears so much! they are so adorables :3
My toys

In the movie
how cute are they?!

It was also my grandparents birthday last weekend so we went out for a family meal which was nice, I had pumpkin risotto which was so nice!

Here is a random picture of me from that weekend as well ><

I also watched frozen for the first time! and adored it! it looked really good and I didn't get a chance to watch it until a few weeks ago and I just fell in love with it and the characters in it.

Olaf is so sweet! and I love elsa's style and her hair, her dress. If you havn't seen the movie yet I seriously recomend it!

The next movie I really want to see is Maleficent, who is played by angelina jolie, I have seen the trailor for it and can't stop watching it.

Doesn't she look amazing? I had a bit of a Disney marathon last week which made me even more excited to see this.

Anyways thats it from me today, I have ordered some more things, and have an amazing outing planned for valentines day, as well as making more brownies. Take care x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

New clothes and mini shopping

I am so happy this week! When I came home from work on Friday I had packages for me! It felt like Christmas again! . . . Except I knew what I was getting.
However that is no bad thing! I decided to treat myself to some things I have wanted for a while, and other items that had appeared on the gyaru sales page.

So my first hall of clothes is from yesstyle, they had a sale going on, and I have so many items on my wishlist, over 28 infact T__T so wish some money I had got for Christmas I decided to finally purchase some!
So first up is this rabbit top, I thought it was too cute! a little bit child like but I don't care, I also love the pearls that are on it! and it goes with a lot of the stuff I already have!

The next item is a set, I really loved the dress and it came with a jumper as well, you could either have the jumper in cream or black, I don't really have any cream jumpers like this, and thought it would go over other one-pieces that I have so I can mix match.

next are some over knee socks with little spikes at the top, which I thought was too cute.

My last item from yesstyle is this pink cardigan which I adore! and may possibly get in another colour, the only thing I will say is that I wish the buttons where in black, but I still love it!

The next few items I got where things that where on the gyaru sales facebook page, and I couldn't resist, I got these items so fast it was amazing! both of the sellers where great and there where no problems with communication what so ever, I was so happy with these items.
They are mainly all floral, for some reason I have really wanted some floral dresses as I love to switch styles now and wear all different kind of things.
The first 2 items I recieved are from one seller, she was selling so many cute things, orignally I was only going to get one dress, but then ended up getting 2 as shipping wasn't as much as expected.

 The next item I got was this cute brown floral dress, I love the material!

Needless to say I had a bit of an online shopping hall, I can't remember the last time I ordered so much!

Later on that week I went shopping with one of my friends, I didn't really buy any clothes, however I did get some cute pjs from forever 21.

I got these, they where only £10! me and emi got matching pjs, I got the grey and green one.

I also saw these in primark! I really wanted them and they where cheap! however I know I would never wear them, and I don't have anything to wear them with so I didn't get them in the end.

We also had some yummy Japanese food, here I have crispy duck salad, with sushi and crispy tofu [the best thing ever]
We also went to pinkberry for desert, and saw some friends there, I love this place so much!

They also do really nice smoothies, here I have chocolate and banana

I also took a sneaky outfit shot in forever 21, wearing some of my new clothes, the cardigan is big but its so comfy and cosy!

Besides from doing lots of online shopping and eating yummy food I have also been painting/drawings lots, I have nearly finnished the painting for my parents!
My plan is to keep the background pretty simple do you focus more on the tigers.

I also thought I would decide to start doing character drawing, and Lizzie was my first victim, I have never done a character drawing of someone before, just made up characters. I thought Lizzie would be perfect to do! and this is the result.

She was really happy with it which made me happy, though I know there is room for improvment I am aiming to get better!
So that is all for now, I hope everyone is having a good start to the year.
Next are going to be reviews on different face masks!
take care x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Late Christmas, New years, MA*RS and paintings

Hello, and yes I know I am late with a Christmas and New years post, but unfortunately I was really really ill over Christmas and New years, but I am feeling a lot better now ^-^ I hope everyone had a great time over this festive holidays! Though I was ill through most of it I still had work as it was really busy for us!
I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and I really didn't know what I wanted. Early December I saw that there was a MA*RS set for sale, I really liked it and have been really into MA*RS clothes recently, so my brother said he would pay for me to get it, I was so happy!^-^
This is the set that I received.

I didn't lay out on my bed very neatly ^-^' but it is very pretty, I am so happy with it! Plus I really like the materials.
So this was an early Christmas present from my brother, so I didn't think I would get anything from him on Christmas day, buuuuut it turned out I did.

 I got this amazing hot chocolate set from him, they are all really nice! but the best one for me is the Rocky road one, that is my favorite.

I also asked for a new backpack, I saw one on accessorize that I really liked.

The rest of my presents where make up, and new water colour paints a long with new brushes and water colour painting paper. I was so happy as I really needed them! I have started to paint a lot recently, but my top priority right now is finishing off the painting for my mum.

She loves tigers the most, though it doesn't look like iv gotten much done, I have also started loads of new paintings, when I have done more to them I will post them on here ^-^

I also met up with Lizzie on the 22nd! it was great seeing her again! we bought each other presents, I got her an alpaca and she got me some face masks [seriously I am so in love with them, just the best thing EVER!]
Though I don't have a picture of them I will be doing a blog post about them very soon ;3
We did go to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants and ate a lot of food, I regret nothing -..- 

Inside and some yummy foods! was feeling very full afterwards.
We decided to walk around for a bit, we didn't really have anything planned we just chilled out, did purikura and did a bit of shopping,
I still wasn't feeling too well at this point, sooo I wore a big baggy jumper and tights, was feeling a bit lazy.

Stole this from Lizzie's blog, because iv put all of my purikura in a bag and sorting them out to put them on one big board, unfortunately I left them at home T__T  Love you Lizzie! I had such a good time shopping and being lazy with her, even though I was ill it really cheered me up.

 I love walking around London during the night, its so pretty!

Now during Christmas/New years time I decide to treat myself, buy a few nice things to get off to a good start ^-^
So I saw this headband that Pixiebunny had released and I loved it! [I love lilac] so I got myself one straight away, the problem is they are bringing out different colour combinations of this headband and I want all of them -..-' I am really happy with the one that I got though!

My alpaca is in charge of looking after some of my accessories.

I also heard about these yummy little treats that come around on Christmas time, I have never had them before but my friend said they are really good and oh my god they are so good! I love them so much, but I only got myself one bag>< it didn't last a week -..-'

I also treated myself to come new contact lenses, as I didn't have any, all of mine had come up to their expiry date, so I got myself a couple of pairs from HoneyColour as they where having a Christmas sale on, I was really impressed with the packaging as this was my first time ordering from them!

My friend Emilia sent me a Christmas present as well, I loved the little card that came with it ^-^ it made me really happy!

I was also having a bit of a clear out in my room and discovered how many fake eyelashes I have,  won't be buying more anytime soon ^-^' I think this was because I stocked up when I was in Japan.
 Just how many do I need? o.0

I also got some flowers from work for.......well working lots? aha actually I was told it was because I had been alone a lot in the factory, people have been on site or meetings, it was really nice of them and I thought they where so pretty!

Last is a picture of me just before I got ill, I went out for a Christmas dinner with becky [excuse the poor lighting]

Thats it from me, I have bought a lot of clothes recently, so when they all arrive I will probably do a blog post about them, I have gotten items from different places, I am so excited for them to arrive!

Happy late New Year x