Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Late Christmas, New years, MA*RS and paintings

Hello, and yes I know I am late with a Christmas and New years post, but unfortunately I was really really ill over Christmas and New years, but I am feeling a lot better now ^-^ I hope everyone had a great time over this festive holidays! Though I was ill through most of it I still had work as it was really busy for us!
I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and I really didn't know what I wanted. Early December I saw that there was a MA*RS set for sale, I really liked it and have been really into MA*RS clothes recently, so my brother said he would pay for me to get it, I was so happy!^-^
This is the set that I received.

I didn't lay out on my bed very neatly ^-^' but it is very pretty, I am so happy with it! Plus I really like the materials.
So this was an early Christmas present from my brother, so I didn't think I would get anything from him on Christmas day, buuuuut it turned out I did.

 I got this amazing hot chocolate set from him, they are all really nice! but the best one for me is the Rocky road one, that is my favorite.

I also asked for a new backpack, I saw one on accessorize that I really liked.

The rest of my presents where make up, and new water colour paints a long with new brushes and water colour painting paper. I was so happy as I really needed them! I have started to paint a lot recently, but my top priority right now is finishing off the painting for my mum.

She loves tigers the most, though it doesn't look like iv gotten much done, I have also started loads of new paintings, when I have done more to them I will post them on here ^-^

I also met up with Lizzie on the 22nd! it was great seeing her again! we bought each other presents, I got her an alpaca and she got me some face masks [seriously I am so in love with them, just the best thing EVER!]
Though I don't have a picture of them I will be doing a blog post about them very soon ;3
We did go to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants and ate a lot of food, I regret nothing -..- 

Inside and some yummy foods! was feeling very full afterwards.
We decided to walk around for a bit, we didn't really have anything planned we just chilled out, did purikura and did a bit of shopping,
I still wasn't feeling too well at this point, sooo I wore a big baggy jumper and tights, was feeling a bit lazy.

Stole this from Lizzie's blog, because iv put all of my purikura in a bag and sorting them out to put them on one big board, unfortunately I left them at home T__T  Love you Lizzie! I had such a good time shopping and being lazy with her, even though I was ill it really cheered me up.

 I love walking around London during the night, its so pretty!

Now during Christmas/New years time I decide to treat myself, buy a few nice things to get off to a good start ^-^
So I saw this headband that Pixiebunny had released and I loved it! [I love lilac] so I got myself one straight away, the problem is they are bringing out different colour combinations of this headband and I want all of them -..-' I am really happy with the one that I got though!

My alpaca is in charge of looking after some of my accessories.

I also heard about these yummy little treats that come around on Christmas time, I have never had them before but my friend said they are really good and oh my god they are so good! I love them so much, but I only got myself one bag>< it didn't last a week -..-'

I also treated myself to come new contact lenses, as I didn't have any, all of mine had come up to their expiry date, so I got myself a couple of pairs from HoneyColour as they where having a Christmas sale on, I was really impressed with the packaging as this was my first time ordering from them!

My friend Emilia sent me a Christmas present as well, I loved the little card that came with it ^-^ it made me really happy!

I was also having a bit of a clear out in my room and discovered how many fake eyelashes I have,  won't be buying more anytime soon ^-^' I think this was because I stocked up when I was in Japan.
 Just how many do I need? o.0

I also got some flowers from work for.......well working lots? aha actually I was told it was because I had been alone a lot in the factory, people have been on site or meetings, it was really nice of them and I thought they where so pretty!

Last is a picture of me just before I got ill, I went out for a Christmas dinner with becky [excuse the poor lighting]

Thats it from me, I have bought a lot of clothes recently, so when they all arrive I will probably do a blog post about them, I have gotten items from different places, I am so excited for them to arrive!

Happy late New Year x


  1. B'awww bby love you too! ^3^ I had so much fun <33333333
    I can't wait to see that MA*RS set on you! :D

    1. aww im glad you did ^^ it was a good chilled out day, look forward to seeing you again! I still havnt had a chance to wear it yet becase of work ><! but as soon as I do I will take a picture for you :3