Friday, 28 February 2014

Late Valentines day

So this is my be-lated Valentines day post, it took so long to do because I have working a lot as we have had a lot of people being on Holiday, not only that but we are having some major construction work on our house! However I shall leave that for another day.
So I haven't seen my friends Sarah in forever! last time I saw her was October expo and it wasn't for very long, so we decided to plan a day to meet in February which just happened to be Valentines day!
So the start of the day was not great as I had train delays and the weather was horrible, it didn't stop raining!
[I did take a sneaky selfie when on the train as it stopped for a while]

So luckily my train delay wasn't too long and I met up with Sarah in patisserie valerie where I had this lovely mocha, and they put a cute little heart on top.

I love mocha's so much! we decided to hide there for a while hoping that the rain would stop, however it didn't, it was bad all day, though eventually we decided to be brave and go get some late lunch, we went for some south korean bbq food and it was so nice! heres what we got.

my main was fishcake soup, then we had some deep fried crab, gyoza, kimchi jon (pancake, one of my most favorite things ever!) and some sweet and sour pork, we also got some sides and sauces.
After our bellies where full we did some purikura, we also took some pictures on a Polaroid that Sarah took with her.

And here our my favorite purikura photos 

We then decided to walk around a bit, but was hard as the weather didn't improve at all so we were trying to stay inside most of the time in covernt garden where we got some desert at state shack, I have never been there before but oh my god it was good and the staff where so nice, I got this thing called a concrete which was vanilla custad ice cream with banana, peanut butter and caramel sauce, I am so getting this again!

Found Olaf in a Disney store, will hopefully get it one day!

We also went into this really nice (expensive) chocolate shop, the chocolates where so pretty but £2.50-£2.75 just for one chocolate.

The only thing I purchased (besides food) was  mac lipstick which is a natural pink colour.

so towards the end I went to Laduree and got my parents some macaroons, they also do other cute tasty treats, and they put them in this lovely box. We then went out and stayed in starbucks for a while and had another nice little chat before heading home.

I had a great day but it was such a shame about the weather! it was bad (really annoyed because the previous day was gorgeous and sunny)
But it was so nice to spend time with her and I had a great day, can't wait to see her again!
I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day, even if your not with someone just turn it in to a day of having fun and treating yourself.
Until next time x