Tuesday, 11 March 2014

outings and costume

 So hey this is just going to be a little update of my outings and one of my costumes for mcm expo which is in London, on the Sunday I am going as Merida from Brave, I loved that movie so much and loved Merida's Characters, plus this will be my first disney character that I have ever dressed up as!
First thing first was cutting the wig, though this is all I have done for now I still think I will cut a bit more though.
I also have the three brother bears that I am going to have in a basket.
All I am waiting for now is for my contacts to arrive and last finishing touches.
However I did have a little try out with my wig just to see how it looked after cutting it, and here are some pictures.


So on pancake day I went out with Emily to London, I didn't wear any eye make up because I had hit my right eye and on the eye lid I had a bump and was a bit pink, though my fringe [bangs] covered it so you couldn't really see it that well [which is good, its all better now though]. Here is my face and my outfit of the day.


 I am wearings a mens jumper, pretty much all my pullovers/jumpers are men's, they just better I think[well for me anyways]

Though it was Pancake day we didn't actually get any, however we did get a lot of yummy food, our first was honey toast, which had ice cream and whipped cream on top with chocolate sauce.

I also got peanut butter waffles and bubble tea.

We then went to stratford for a bit, just to browse [I didnt really buy anything apart from macaroons for my parents] but Yamii was a sweetheart and bought me and Emily some as well.
There are so many different flavors!

 annnnnnd here are some selfies.

I have also been drawing a lot recently and have so many ideas for different projects, but here is a little doodle I did when I couldn't sleep, I decided to do a character drawing of one of my perfume bottles [I have 7 of them] and this is how it turned out.

So yea not a particularly exciting post, but thats all for now.

Oh on a random note though I am going to Japan again september, and I am  so excited! 
take care x