Friday, 2 May 2014

Harry potter studio In London [ picture heavy ] part 1

As you can gather from the post title this blog entry is going to be about Harry potter studio in London which I visited last week with my older sister.
We haven't really been able to spend a lot of time with each other as its kind of difficult with her living in America, but we made a plan to do something memorable that we would both enjoy while she was over here.
So with us both being mad harry potter fans she made the suggestion to go to the harry potter studios.
I decided to drive us there and back, just because I thought it would be easier ^^
so I took a picture before I left, just kept it simple for the day as we would be traveling a lot.

So you have to book your ticket online (my sister did this for us) and it gets booked up pretty quickly. When you go to book your ticket you can choose which time you want to take your tour (they have times which you can choose from) but because its pretty popular there might only be certain times you can choose from, and we got the latest which was 6.30.
So I left to pick up my sister at 11.00 (because shes staying quite far away from me with family members) 
so we decided to go for lunch on our way there.
Though I didn't take a picture of my lunch I did take a picture of the coffee I ordered afterwards with the mini oreos that came with it ^^

We then set off to continue our drive, by the time we had finished our lunch it was 2.30, we gave ourselves plenty of time because we where driving and worried we may get lost (even though I had a sat nav, still you never know)
Would you believe it, we did in fact get lost. This is because the post code that the website gives you is to a work building, however if you just continue down the road for another few minutes you can clearly see the studio, its HUGEEEE.
So by the time we got there is was 3.30 and we had a lot of time to kill, but my sister wanted to go in the gift shop (so did I, I was so excited!)

entrance to the studio

So we had a lot of time to kill so we decided to look around the gift shop, we got a bit excited as soon as we walked in aha.

 oh yes they have a Starbucks there! I was pretty amazed about that.

So now on to the many things you can buy in the gift shop, which is pretty big, but obviously can get very crowded, I nearly lost my sister 3 times><!

 I did end up buying myself a mug><  but I really wish I could of bought all of them aha.

A pop up book ^^

Alright that's enough photos of the gift shop! me and my sister spent over 45 minutes in there! it was hard to decide what to buy, but here is what I got.

The right hand picture is gifts I bought for family members and friends, you are also given a free badge when you are waiting in line for your tour ^^

So we put our items in my car ( My sister nearly bought everything in the shop ^^')
I should let you know if you are traveling by car, the car park is free (thank god!) and if you don't have a car you can get buses there, and they are really easy to spot as the buses are special harry potter buses and covered in harry potter art work, which looks amazing! I wish I got a picture.

So when I was buying my gifts the lady who was serving me said that me and my sister should ask if we could go in and start our tour early as it was just us two and it would save us just waiting around trying to kill time.
So we asked and they where completely fine with it, as the line wasn't as long as what it could of been so we started to que at about 4.35 and got in to start the tour at 5.
(side note all the staff are really nice there, really happy and friendly people from what we experienced)

So while you are queuing to get in you see harry's under the stairs bedroom which is cool, so many people where taking photos. The right hand picture is this big room you wait in for a few minutes, the staff there do an announcement and then you go inside to a cinema. You then watch a movie which is a few minutes long and then the screen lifts up and there's the entrance to Hogwarts main hall!
You see all the tables and costumes that the actors/actresses actually wore on set!

here is a picture of my sister and me.
So then you can go around and look on your own, there are screens which show and tell you how they did things on different sections, so the next post is going to be pictures of all the different things that we saw, I decided to do this in 2 posts (at the last minute) because there are wayyyyyyyy too many pictures and things I need to tell you.
So yea thats all for getting there and arriving.
until next time