Thursday, 5 June 2014

Harry Potter studio In London Part 2

Ok so now for the second part of my day trip to the harry potter studios, again there are a lot of pictures, but I would of taken a lot more if it wasnt for the fact that my phone did indeed die on me.
So after you have watched a little movie introducing you to the harry potter studios, the screen lifts up and you are in front of the grand hall entrance, then when the doors open up you are in the grand hall. Now I will say it looks a lot smaller than what it is portrayed in the movie, but they do have the costumes in there and the tables set up on the sides, and some bits they have blocked off, plus at the same time there are lots of people walking around.

yes these are the actual costumes that the actors/actresses wore in the movies! pretty amazing right? They had everything! even the wigs!

So this was the 'food' for the dance, but it wasn't real at all, they just made it out of certain materials to look like food, again these where actually used in the movie, but my gosh they do look amazing! even if it was real chocolate I don't think I could eat it because it looks so pretty.

Ok so this is the gryffindor boys rooms, and honestly I can't believe how small this set is! its amazing they got a camera crew in there! they did say and go on at how over crowded it was, but you wouldn't think it when watching the movies. The beds are also tiny!

This is the gryffindor lounge, again with more costumes that Harry, Ron and Hermoine wore in the different movies.

You can see all the different props and sets, there's so much stuff its crazy! you don't know where to look because you want to look everywhere at once, I was truly overwhelmed.

There is also a bit outside, where you can buy food, drinks and yes BUTTERBEER! which I was too scared to try I am not going to lie, however this was my sisters, though she liked the taste of she said it was very sweet and she couldn't Finnish it. They also had the houses, car's and the knight bus from the movies.

They also had Harry's owl outside, and you can go up and have a picture with him, he was so cute! but sadly I didn't get a picture.

You then go back inside and in this bit you see how they made/created all the animals/creatures in the movies, as well as the masks and fake bodies that they had in there, but unfortunately this is where my phone died and I wasn't able to take anymore photos.
But believe me I didn't take anywhere near enough! But I shall leave the rest for you when/if you want to visit, this is just a mere teaser as to whats in store when you go there, plus I don't think my pictures do it justice, its just so incredible! and makes you appreciate the movies so much more.

well then until my next post ^^