Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Japan Tokyo Disneyland! and food

Hey everyone! sorry for the really late update! I have had a lot going on, and everything has been so hectic! (in a good way of course) and before I knew it was March! this year is going so quick!

So continuing about my trip to Japan I thought that this post I should write about my trip to Disneyland!
We only went for the one day and I had a lot of fun.
The day started out very clear and sunny, but at around about 3-4 it started to rain....for the rest of the day. Would you believe it! The whole month I was there and it only rained twice! And the day we went to Disneyland it was one of those days.
Luckily they sold umbrellas there which where only 1000 yen each! which I thought was pretty good.
So here are a bunch of photos I took while I was there ~

We went on September the 8th! as that's the day they start with all the Halloween things! it looks so cool! And they had so many decorations!

Our first ride was the 'Pirates of the Carribian'. Here is the outside of it, there was a long que but it went pretty quickly.

As we where getting closer to get on the ride we saw this, yes that's right there is a restaurant inside the ride, which I think looks beautiful! 

Im really sorry I didn't take better pictures, but I was having such a fun time! And then it got dark VERY early/quickly, annnnnnd rained a lot, but we still had a great time!
So next Im going to show you a bunch of photos of my food while I was over there, however I don't think that's such a good idea because now I'm really hungry :(

Ok I realized while I was uploading the photos that I took photos of mainly the sweet stuff, but that's what I have, a sweet tooth :( (and all the iced coffees as well and it was very hot) believe it or not, despite eating all this I somehow lost weight while I was over there, BUT that is probably due to the fact I did walk a lot more while I was over than what I do in England, becuase I drive everywhere in England, not to mention the fact the shinjuku train station is HUGEEE and walking in that station feels like foreverrrrrrrrrr.

So thats all I have to share today, seems like a bit of boring post, but I hope you enjoyed it, til next time ~